Our Guests have their say

Guest Compliments

Guests have praised our Cabin Crew for their hospitatality, smiles, excellent service, can-do attitude, attention to detail and professionalism in defusing difficult situations.

Guest compliments are testimony to our continuous efforts to deliver impeccable guest service and memorable on-board experiences. In 2013 we received over 17,100 guest compliments and in the first 10 months of 2014 we received over 22,200. Below is a short slection of these guest comments:

"I sat in Coral Economy and was greeted by a wonderful smile from Deborah. Throughout my whole flight, she attended to every request with a kind smile and an absolutely delightful attitude. I felt special!"

"I really appreciated what the cabin crew did for my son as it was his fifth birthday. While serving breakfast just before landing, they came to him with ice-cream and sang happy birthday. My son was really touched"

"Hilton gave us invaluable information about what to do during our 13 hour layover in Abu Dhabi. Because of him, we were able to visit the Grand Mosque and Emirates Palace. You are very lucky to have such a caring employee."

"I was impressed with the service delivery standard of FB Manager Virgie on the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Abu Dhabi. He was very attentive and went the extra mile to recommend dishes. There was a human touch in what he delivered."

Candidate Testimonials

Etihad Airways Cabin Crew

In 2013 we received over 41,100 applications. We assessed over 9,900 candidates at our worldwide Assessment Days Cabin Crew, Food & Beverage Managers and In-Flight Chefs positions.

We make every effort to bring the same guest experience on our Assessment Days as on-board our aircraft. These intensive Assessment Days give candidates a taste of the efforts we make to bring unique guest experiences to those who journey with us. Below is a short selection of comments from candidates who have participated in one of our many global assessments:

"I attended an assessment day with Etihad in Abu Dhabi and the experience was amazing. The recruiters were very friendly and the procedure ran very smoothly without stress." Abu Dhabi May 2013

"Thank you for hosting such an amazing recruitment day in Amsterdam. Your enthusiasm for Etihad Airways was inspiring, and I look forward to working with you sometime in the future. Thank you again for your time." Amsterdam Jun 2013

"I really appreciate the opportunity to meet with you at a recent Cabin Crew assessment day. I enjoyed meeting with members of the office and learning about the position. The entire team certainly seems to be highly skilled and motivated and the work itself seems as rewarding as it is challenging. From the whole process, I gained a strong sense of  Etihad Airways' commitment to their guests and their employees. I am sincerely looking forward to joining in Etihad Airways to realize its ambition of becoming the world's best airline." China Jun 2013

"I want to thank you and your team for being very professional and polite during the whole assessment day. This was a very educational experience for me, and most importantly I learned the format of a Cabin Crew assessment day as it was first time I attend such. I hope to see you again." Serbia Sep 2013

Become an Etihad Airways Cabin Crew

Become an Etihad Airways Cabin Crew

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