Frequently Asked Questions

When will I hear from the recruitment team after I submit the application?

After you have completed and submitted the application you will receive an automated email stating that we have received your application. Once reviewed and shortlisted, we will contact you with the interview slot dates available for your interview.

What happens if I fail any part of the three day assessment?

You are welcome to stay in Abu Dhabi (for the rest of your original stay/schedule) but if you wish to return home earlier you should contact the Etihad Call Center at 02 599 0000 to have your ticket amended.

What does Etihad Airways provide for pilots attending the interviews?

Etihad Airways will provide the pilots attending an interview and their spouse with Tickets (direct Etihad Destinations only- non code shared flights), Transport to and from the airport and transport to the assessment center and hotel accommodation during their stay.

If I need a visa to come to the UAE will Etihad Airways arrange that?

Yes, Etihad Airways will also arrange the visa required to attend the interview.

Does Etihad Airways pay off existing training bonds?

No, Etihad Airways requires all pilots joining to settle all their existing training bonds by themselves.

Who decides what fleet I will be assigned to?

This is decided by operational requirements.

Do I need a release letter from my airline?

Yes, a release letter is required (one of the mandatory documents to be provided).

How long after my interview will I be notified if I am successful?

It usually takes up to 14 working days to recieve a final confirmation if you were successful or not.

What do I need to bring with me for the interview?

Once you receive an invitation for the interview, a list of all documents that are required will be mentioned. Some of these documents should be uploaded when you submit the online application.

Does Etihad Airways accept paper CVs or applications?

No, Etihad Airways requires all applications to be submitted on line.

I am experiencing issues in completing my online application.

We are currently facing some compatability issues with MAC devices (Apple Macs, iPads, iPhones) which we are working through. Please use a PC to apply online.