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At Etihad Airways, customer care assumes a new significance

Guest-first philosophy

At the core of our endeavor to maintain a lasting relationship with our customers is our firm belief that when people fly with us, they fly as our guests and not as passengers. All our services on the ground and on board are guided by our unique, 'guest-first' philosophy.

We seek to establish a relationship with you through all stages of your journey with us, right from planning and booking your travel to reaching you to your destination and taking action on your feedback, if any. Our Guest Relations Team is always at your service, ensuring that you get a quick, satisfactory response to your queries, suggestions and complaints.

Our guest-centric approach to service starts from the classification of our service areas: our First, Business and Economy Classes break away from the traditional class system in the airline industry. You can expect premium service from us, irrespective of the class you are travelling in.

We realise that our aim of achieving a truly 21st-century, guest-oriented airline depends on our people. We recruit the best talent in the industry, individuals who are committed to providing the highest service to our guests.

In keeping with our plans to go global, we also strive for a multiracial, multilingual and multi-cultural family of employees. The Etihad family now includes individuals from different nationalities, speaking several languages and sensitive to cultural differences. 

Each member of our crew fully understands the Etihad way of hospitality and makes every effort to make your journey comfortable.


Lowest class availability
The class of travel available at the time of reservation for the selected routing will be displayed on the Etihad website.

"No-shows" are guests who book seats on a flight but fail to present themselves for their flight. If you realise that you will not be able to take the flight you have reserved, kindly let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer the seat to another guest who would otherwise be unable to travel. 

Given the fact that there are “no-shows” on almost every flight, Etihad Airways, like all international carriers, may overbook services in order to match demand with supply. While we do our best to match the number of available seats to the number of guests that we expect will appear for the flight, on rare occasions we may have a situation where a guest with a confirmed ticket is denied boarding even when they have checked in at the recommended time. When this occurs we will: 

  1. Endeavour to ensure that families with children, expectant mothers, elderly or infirm guests or those in transit from an earlier destination point or with onward connecting flights are not denied boarding. 
  2. Offer guests denied boarding a seat on the next available flight (on Etihad where possible, with another carrier where not). 
  3. Offer guests ground transport, meals and accommodation for the duration of their enforced delay. 
  4. Offer denied boarding compensation in accordance with our defined policy and the applicable laws and regulations. Compensation levels vary according to the sector in question. Please ask Etihad staff for more details. 

Change to operating carrier
On reaching the airport if you find that there is a change to the operating carrier and you do not wish to fly with this carrier, we offer you the following options:

  1. We will keep you updated on the status of your flight right up to the time it departs. 
  2. We will give you a refund.

Delays and cancellations
While we strive to ensure that our flights are on schedule, we offer the following if your flight is delayed or cancelled for any reason:

  1. We will keep you updated on the status of your flight right up to the time it departs. 
  2. If we are unable to operate a flight according to schedule, we will carry you on another flight on the same route that has a seat available, without charging you extra for it. 
  3. If for some reason your Etihad flight fails to stop at your stopover station or destination, we will carry you to your destination either on another Etihad flight or on another airline, or by an alternative means that is agreeable to you (e.g. by road or by rail). We will not charge you extra for this. 
  4. If your flight schedule is changed to a time unacceptable to you and we are unable to offer an alternative that suits your needs, you can claim a refund of the unused portion of your ticket.

For information on passenger rights in case of flight delays, cancellations and denied boarding at airports within the European Union, refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Our concern for your comfort begins from the moment you step into the airport, if not before. So we try and ensure that the check-in procedure at the airport is as speedy and as pleasant as possible. To begin with, we have dedicated check-in counters all classes at all our destinations.

Etihad's concern for special needs
Whilst we will do our best to ensure quick a check-in, we request that you arrive at the airport at the recommended check-in time, which is two hours prior to departure for Economy Class Guests and one hour for First and Business Class Guests.

To avoid any last-minute rush and to help us ensure that we reach you to your destination on time, please arrive at the departure gate ahead of the boarding time specified at check-in.

Our concept of personalised service extends to the special needs of our guests as well. With adequate notice, we offer meet-and-assist services to unaccompanied minors and the hearing/visually impaired. Mothers travelling with more than one infant must arrange for a family/friend escort to assist with the second infant.

For medical cases, we offer wheelchairs and oxygen and stretchers.

We offer bassinets to make your baby travel in comfort, though these facilities vary according to aircraft type. Please note that bassinet facilities are limited in number, and must be booked at time of reservation on a "first come, first served" basis. We also have baby changing facilities on all our flights. Infant meals can also be provided on board if you make a request at the time of reservation.

We also have a range of special meals designed to cater to your dietary or religious needs – these too must be booked at the time of reservation.