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Featuring Nicole Kidman

“Our goal is not to improve on what has been done before – but to totally reimagine it.” 

Our new global advertising campaign offers you glimpses of our reimagined cabins, uniforms and aircraft and is inspired by some of the world’s most remarkable travel experiences.

It is an opportunity for us to share what drives us to reach higher, go further and simply transform the expectations of air travel.

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Why Nicole Kidman?

Nicole Kidman is an Academy Award-winning actress, a Goodwill Ambassador of UN Women and one of Hollywood’s most beautiful female stars.

Nicole embodies glamour, sophistication and elegance; qualities that we are proud to bring to life in our reimagined travel experience. This made her the perfect choice to front our global advertising campaign.

Facts - The making

Our television commercial was shot on board our new flagship Airbus A380 and in three locations around the world: Abu Dhabi, Marseilles and Prague.

In our hub of Abu Dhabi, the three buildings featured are Bab Al Bahr Towers, the Louvre and the Abu Dhabi International Airport Control Tower. These buildings are amongst those that inspired the design of our new livery and they all feature traditional Emirati design patterns, influenced by light and geometric patterns.

The Villa Méditerranée in Marseilles, a centre of culture and promotion of international dialogue and friendship, symbolises Etihad Airways’ role as a global ambassador. The 17th century baroque hall of the historic Strahov Library in Prague represents knowledge, learning, and the desire to innovate and lead. 

An important year for Etihad

The new Etihad A380 and B787

The new livery design

The new uniform