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Video description

Guests experience travelling in Economy Class. A woman and her young daughter arrive at the Dubai Travel Mall to check in to their flights and board the luxury coach bus to Abu Dhabi. They enter Abu Dhabi International Airport where they head to the bag drop counter. A Flying Nanny greets the young girl and they board the Etihad plane and head to their Economy Smart Seats. The mother receives an amenity kit, while the girl receives a kid's pack with toys, as well as her special kid's meal. The mother and daughter share their inflight entertainment screens so that they can watch the same movie in sync. The woman orders some perfume from the onboard duty free, while her daughter plays games on screen. The daughter receives a surprise snack and is tucked in by a cabin crew member while the mother enjoys her hot drink and then proceeds to nap. The family arrives at their destination and are greeted at the airport by the father.

Economy Smart Seat

Economy Smart Seat logo

Our Economy Smart Seat is the ultimate in smart design.

We have challenged the norms to deliver choice and comfort, and bring a sense of spontaneity, surprise and fun back to travel.

Economy Smart Seat guest sleeping

Our Economy Smart Seat has a unique headrest that provides a shoulder to lean on and adjustable back support for a more comfortable flight. The seat offers generous legroom and recline.

Economy Smart Seat screens

On the seat-back you will find your entertainment and connectivity hub, with the handset and connectivity ports in easy reach. The cabin mood lighting system helps provide a relaxed ambience throughout the flight. Subtle changes are designed to stimulate calm, sleep and finally revitalisation, so you arrive at your destination feeling rested and refreshed.

Etihad Airways Flying Nanny

We are constantly adding little touches to make flying a memorable experience for your entire family, especially the younger ones.

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Economy Seat

Economy Class

Our Economy Seat has been designed for comfort with adjustable back support and headrest.

Economy Class

The cradle recline feature makes sure that your back rests in a more natural position, letting you relax more easily.

Etihad Airways Flying Nanny

We are constantly adding little touches to make flying a memorable experience for your entire family, especially the younger ones.

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In the air

In Economy Class, we want to make you more comfortable with:

  • full-sized fleece blankets
  • comfortable pillows on longer flights
Economy Smart Seat

Get more comfortable on some of our ultra-long haul flights with Christian Lacroix sleepwear for USD $35 and male or female Christian Lacroix amenity kits for USD $22.

We also have free dental kits (with toothbrush and toothpaste) and eyeshades available on request on ultra-long-haul and long-haul overnight flights. 

Economy Amenities

Enjoy hundreds of hours of on-demand entertainment. Keep in touch with friends or family with a range of connection ports at your fingertips and mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity on board for selected flights.

  • 11-inch touch-screen TV (Economy Smart Seat)
  • 10.6-inch touch-screen TV (Economy Seat)
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Economy Class smartseat
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Food and refreshments

Request special meals

We are happy to prepare meals for special diets, as well as for religious or other medical reasons.

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Onboard café service

Coffee service

Our onboard café service offers light snacks, tea and  coffee.

Complimentary bar service

Complimentary bar service Choose from a range of beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks.

More choices

Cabin Crew

In Economy Class, you can choose from three main courses, including a vegetarian dish and a dish that has been inspired by the destination you’re travelling to.

Buy on board items

On some of our long-haul and ultra-long haul flights you can buy a glass of Piper Heisdieck champagne for USD $8 and glass of Coffee Planet cold brew coffee for USD $4.

On the ground

Etihad Luxury Coach

Etihad Luxury Coach

You can take advantage of our free coach services to Dubai and Al Ain when arriving to, or departing from, Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Etihad Travel Mall check-in kiosks

UAE city check-in

Enjoy the convenience of our city check-in facilities, where you can drop your baggage, in Abu Dhabi city centre and Dubai.

On the day of your flight, arrive at the airport early to give yourself plenty of time to complete the necessary checks and procedures.