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We want to Keep The Skies Open

  • Your competitive choice is under threat: Let’s Keep The Skies Open

  • Competitive choice means outstanding customer products

  • Our new routes deliver positive economic impacts, in every market we fly to

  • With our partners, we provide a small but credible alternative to the global mega-alliances

  • We have become one of the most popular new employers in the world

  • Our growing business delivers billions of dollars to the aerospace supply chain

Over the last 11 years, Etihad Airways has brought new competitive choice to millions of travellers, on more than 100 of our own routes and on scores more through our codeshare partners.

Now, the dominant mega-carriers of the United States and Europe are trying to block that competition.  They claim that we receive Government subsidies – a claim we categorically reject.

The world’s biggest airlines want to restrict the new choice and the better service that we provide.

We don’t think that’s right.

We believe travellers should have the right to choose.  We believe that Open Skies means more choices.  We believe our guests should have the right to choose outstanding service, on state-of-the-art aircraft, at competitive prices.

If you believe in choice, join our campaign.  If you believe in Open Skies, join our campaign.  If you believe in the right to compete, join our campaign.

Let’s Keep The Skies Open.

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