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We strive to attract the top talent in the industry

Etihad Airways cabin crew

We create jobs in every market in which we operate and our workforce today includes more than 140 nationalities.

Last year, we had 57 times more applications than we had total job openings‎, which included 1,700 crew positions and approximately 500 pilot openings.

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Our commitment to the welfare, safety and well-being of the diverse group of men and women who have worked so hard to make Etihad Airways great is one of our airline’s top priorities. Our crew are entitled to the full scope of benefits in line with UAE laws, but we choose to go further.

Etihad Airways provides many benefits that exceed those requirements significantly, such as housing allowances, comprehensive medical insurance, education expenses, company-wide performance bonuses, robust HR practices, career advancement opportunities, global flight benefits, emergency services, childcare services, and a generous leave policy.

All married pregnant cabin crew are entitled to the following benefits during and after their pregnancy:

  • Appropriate paid ground duties for the duration of their pregnancy, during which they receive housing allowance, basic salary and a daily ground duty allowance.
  • 45 days paid maternity leave for married pregnant cabin crew with more than one year’s service. During this time, they are paid their housing allowance, basic salary and ground duty allowance. Basic salary and daily ground duty allowanced will be halved for those with less than one year of continuous service at the time of birth.
  • Open flying positions for cabin crew to resume upon completion of maternity leave. Appropriate training and license re-issuance will also be organised.

In addition, Etihad Airways’ base in the UAE provides a tax-free environment for its employees.

Across our network

Etihad Airways Engineer

Etihad Airways currently employs some 24,000 staff from more than 140 different nationalities in roles ranging from pilots and crew to core staff at its head office and stations around the world.

  • From 0 to 24,000 employees in 11 years
  • 260,000 job applicants in 2014
  • 93 per cent of employees are proud to work at Etihad Airways
  • Middle East HR Awards: Employer of the Year 2014
  • LinkedIn Top 100 Global In-Demand Employer

A new choice for employees

A new choice for employees

We have industry-leading training and performance standards for our pilots and crew, many of whom have come from legacy, unionised airlines in the US and the European Union.

For example, when United Airlines furloughed pilots during bankruptcy, we brought them on board at Etihad Airways.

We are not bound by seniority but rather place our pilots based on merits and performance. United captains became Etihad Airways captains.

This could not have happened in a unionised airline. When United ended its furlough, the pilots were free to return to their former employer if they chose to.

A true global airline

The airline industry demonstrates human ingenuity and determination to make the world a better place by connecting cultures, families and businesses. As a truly global airline, Etihad Airways represents the very best of that vision.

At Etihad Airways, we have become a global, award-winning employer because we value our employees and treat them with dignity and respect.

As a result, they give us their very best; the same employee survey confirmed this when 92% of employees responded that they were willing to go above and beyond to help the airline succeed.

This sort of employee motivation doesn’t just happen; it is a result of a very structured and deliberate strategy by Etihad Airways as an employer genuinely committed to looking after its people.

A true global airline

Fast facts

  • Since 2006, Etihad Airways has created more than 14,000 new jobs and another 6,000 staff have been hired through Etihad Airways subsidiaries.
  • Etihad Airways Partners employ more than 74,000 employees in 60 countries.
  • Etihad Airways has ordered almost 120 aircraft from Boeing with a total value of US$36.5 billion, supporting thousands of American jobs.
  • Etihad Airways directly employs more than 800 staff in 13 European countries (United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Netherlands, Serbia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, Greece. 2,500+ total outside UAE).
  • Aviation is one of Europe’s top employers, supporting 7.1 million jobs, directly and indirectly. In 2013 alone, Etihad Airways spent more than EUR 100 million on operating expenses in Europe. It’s a figure we are proud of because it represents a significant number of jobs for Europeans that we help to support.