What is the recruitment process for Cabin Crew?

The Cabin Crew Recruitment process consists of a variety of stages. Click here to know more.

How do I apply for a Cabin Crew position?

To apply for a position of Cabin Crew, you can look at our online vacancy. If it is of interest to you, then you may fill out an online application including all details necessary. Once you have submitted this application, the recruitment team will review it, and if you meet the minimum criteria, then you will be shortlisted for a future Assessment day.

Can I come to your office and personally drop off my CV?

Unfortunately not. We have our online system which is where we source all our applications. In order to have your application reviewed by us, you will need to complete an online application.

Can I apply if I am not 21 years old?

The minimum age to join Etihad as Cabin Crew is 21. If you are within 3 months of your 21st birthday you can apply, but you will not be able to join Etihad until you have reached your 21st birthday.

My Online application was rejected; how soon can I re-apply?

If your online application was rejected, you will have to wait for a period of 6 months before you can re-apply for the same position.

Do you conduct telephone interviews?

From time to time we might conduct initial screening interviews, although our full recruitment process is done at Assessment Days.

Assessment day

What do I wear for the Assessment Day?

You must wear formal business attire.

Am I able to attend a walk-in interview?

We have two types of Assessment Days. Closed Assessment: You must have received an email invitation to attend the Assessment Day. Open Assessment: You can attend without applying online at the time and location stated on the website or in adverts. You must arrive on time and bring your passport, CV, passport sized photo and full length photo.Should you meet the criteria during registration, you may be required to stay for the whole day and asked to return the next day for an interview.

Am I able to attend an Assessment day in another country?

Yes, you are. If we are holding an Assessment Day in a country close to yours, and you would like to attend you can do so. You will be responsible for all costs (hotel/tickets) in order to attend.

Does the company provide accommodation and transport facilities for the Assessment Day or will I be reimbursed for my travel arrangements by the company?

If you decide to travel abroad to attend an interview, then you must incur all costs in order to do so. Etihad cannot reimburse costs associated with Cabin Crew Assessment Days.

I was unsuccessful on my last Assessment Day; how soon can I re-apply for the same position?

If you are unsuccessful during an Assessment day, then you must wait for 6 months from the date of your assessment until you can re-apply. This does not guarantee that you will be invited once again as you will have to meet all of the appropriate criteria at that time.

If I was unsuccessful during my first ever Assessment Day with Etihad Airways, will my name be black listed for the next Assessment?

No, your name will not be black listed for future Assessment Days if you were unsuccessful during your first one. As per our policy, you will have to wait for a period of 6 months, and at that time, you are more than welcome to re-apply.

How am I able to find out where your next Assessment Days are being held?

We always ensure that our online schedule at is up-to-date, listing all locations that we will be visiting to recruit.

Do I need to complete all necessary documents before I attend the Assessment Day?

Yes. It is important to have them all completed beforehand. The purpose of this is for the recruitment team to collect all necessary documents towards the end of the day in a timely manner.

Why have I not been invited to an Assessment Day?

If you have not been invited to an Assessment Day, this may be because you do not meet our minimum criteria. Also, your application may be incomplete which means that it has not been reviewed. Please make sure you check your application thoroughly before you submit it.

After Assessment Day

What is the time period starting from the time I am successful to the time I start my training?

To conduct all the necessary clearances, it takes approximately 4-6 weeks for all joining formalities to have been processed. However, this all depends on how quickly you are able to submit all necessary documents. You must take into account your notice period at your current job and also whether we have an available training course date for you at that time. If not, you will be placed in a holding pool and will be contacted at the soonest to join. This is subject to the operational need as well as the availability of training courses.

How long does the Security Clearance take to be processed?

Once the Security Clearance has been submitted, it takes 10-14 working days to be processed.

What is the Police Clearance, and what is the procedure to obtain it?

Police Clearance is only applicable to those who are residents of the United Arab Emirates. In order to process your application when successful, you must go to the police station in your city of residency and apply for a Police Clearance. You will need 300dhs, your original passport and 4 passport sized photographs in order to obtain this. Normally, it takes a few days, and once you have obtained it, you must send it to us to add to your file. Only then will we start the Security Clearance process.

Do I need to have my vaccinations before I come to the UAE?

We advise you to get your vaccinations in your home country; however, if this is not possible then you can always do it when arriving in Abu Dhabi. If any vaccinations have been done previously or during your childhood, you must bring the vaccination record so as not to repeat the vaccination.

What is the number of hours I can fly? In a week? In a month?

Your schedule is distributed on a monthly basis, and so it will vary from month to month depending on the destinations you may fly to.

Do you offer any language courses such as Arabic?

We do not currently offer any language courses. However, if this is something of interest to you, you can always research different language institutes online in Abu Dhabi that may be offering what you are looking for.

If I wish to study a language course in a University, is it allowed?

Given the nature of the Cabin Crew job, your schedule is extremely flexible and so it will be difficult for you to physically attend a University.

If I was recruited in City A, but wish to depart from City B when coming to live in Abu Dhabi, will this be possible?

Yes, it is possible. The HR team will be able to assist in making the necessary travel arrangements that are convenient for you to travel to Abu Dhabi.

Flying to Abu Dhabi

Where can I collect my joining ticket?

An email will be sent to you containing the E-ticket(s) and other details regarding your travel approximately 4 days prior to your contracted start date. You need to print the email and bring it with you to the airport.

Do I need to get an employment visa prior to travel?

Yes. Your employment visa will be arranged by Etihad and a scanned copy will be sent to you with your E-ticket. You must have a copy with you when you travel to Abu Dhabi. You must then collect the original on arrival at the Visa Desk at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

How many kilograms of baggage can I bring with me?

You are entitled to 60kgs of accompanied baggage on your travel.

Does the 60kgs rule apply even if I am flying with a different carrier?

No. In this situation, you need to pay for excess baggage for the non-Etihad sector. Make sure to retain the original receipt and can apply for reimbursement after you arrive in Abu Dhabi.

Where can I have my medicals done?

All medical tests will be conducted in Abu Dhabi during your first week of training. If any medical tests are to be done prior to joining, you will be advised by a member of our team.


Can I bring my family or friends to live with me in Company provided accommodation?

No. We only provide Single Status Employment/Accommodation. It is meant for you only, is non-transferable and cannot be shared with others.

If I initially stay in Company Accommodation, can I move out later on and get an allowance instead? How much notice do I need to give the company?

Due to security, welfare and operational requirements, all Guest Services Cabin Crew are required to live in Company Accommodation. Only for reasons of marriage, where your spouse is resident in Abu Dhabi, will an exception be considered. Guest Services and HR will jointly decide on any other exemptions to this clause.


Will I be flying on all aircraft types?

During your training, you will learn about the different aircraft types in our fleet. As Cabin Crew you can operate on up to three different aircraft types.

How long do I wait before I can start flying?

In order to start flying, you have to obtain your flying license first. This will be given to you once you complete your initial training and only then will you be released to fly and operate as one of our Cabin Crew.

How long is the training process for Cabin Crew?

The training is a total of 6-7 weeks:

Week 1: 3 days induction and 2 days Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP) Training
Week 2: SEP Training
Week 3: SEP Training
Week 4: 1 day SEP and 4 days Aviation Health Training
Week 5: 2 days Aviation Security and 3 days Service Training
Week 6: Service Training
Week 7: 2 days Service Training and Service/Graduation on day 3 We will give you your training schedule when you join us.

Do I get paid during training?

Yes. Your salary will be paid tax-free in United Arab Emirates Dirhams at the end of each month. For all categories of crew, we provide meal allowances during training and you will also receive a gift allowance to help you get started in your new life.