Etihad Airways Cadet Pilot Programme

 Imagine working at 38,000 feet and landing in New York, London or Tokyo. Or discovering the most glamorous places on earth every day. Now think about working with more than 5000 crew, and making new friends in over 55 countries.

If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming an airline pilot, the UAE National Cadet Pilot Programme is for you. It enables you to work onboard Etihad’s modern fleet, after obtaining your Airline Transport Pilot License. Then you can travel the Etihad global network, of over 90 outstations worldwide.  Be a pilot – take control.

Cadet Pilot Programme Structure

We offer two streams of the Cadet Pilot Program - the first one for University Graduates and the second for those who have graduated High School (or equivalent).

STREAM 1 - Cadet Pilot Program for University Graduates

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
18 months Pilot Training Graduation 4 months Placementc
• Learn how to fly at Horizon International Flight Academy in Al Ain. • Once you successfully complete Phase 1, you will obtain a Commercial Pilot's License known as the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). • After graduation, you will do a Type Rating Conversion Course on a specific aircraft.
• Master the technical skills necessary to obtain a commercial licence. • You are now qualified to join Etihad Airways as a Second Officer. • Then you will complete your Line Training as a Second Officer ( up to 12 months), after which you will become a First Officer.
• Your performance will be monitored and assessed via assignments, exams, attendance, punctuality and instructor feedback.