Pre-Joining Documentation

If you are successful in being offered a position with us in the UAE, the following documents will be required to obtain the necessary pre-joining clearances. We do not require all of the below documentation at interview stage, however, it would be beneficial for you to start gathering these documents as soon as the recruitment process begins to move forward.

Key documents which are required prior to commencing your new position with Etihad Airways are - an attested copy of your highest education certificate and verification of employment letters from all of your previous employers. Pre-joining clearances cannot be initiated without these documents.

The complete list of required pre-joining documentation is as follows:

1. Scanned passport size photograph (JPEG format, white background, business attire)

2. Colour copy of valid passport (With UAE Residence Visa page, if currently residing in the United Arab Emirates)

3. Colour copy of your Highest Educational Certificate – The education certificate should be attested by the Ministry of Education or a Notary Public,  stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and finally by UAE Embassy, in that order, and in the country of the institution where it was obtained. If UAE embassies are not in that country then you send the copy of the certificate to us to check with the state security. If your Education Certificate is in another language then this should be translated to English or Arabic, this translation must also be attested by the UAE Embassy.

4. Security Clearance Form which will be provided at offer stage. Candidates of Arabic origin must fill this form in Arabic. It is mandatory to include details of your religious background including sect.

5. Copies of confirmation of employment letters as per your submitted CV covering your professional experience over the last 10 years. Each of these verification of employment letters must;

  • be on company headed paper
  • specify your job title(s)
  • detail your complete duration of employment. 

In addition we will require a letter of employment from your current employer; this can be a generic ‘To whom it may concern’ letter specifying your job title and start date.

6. For those currently residing in the UAE, we require a Police Clearance Certificate. To obtain this you must visit your local police station taking with you, your original passport with visa, your Emirates ID card and a passport size photograph with a white background.


All submitted copies must be in colour and very clear.

If you are unsure about any of the above requirements please discuss with your recruiter.