Warm hospitality

Economy Class seat

Welcome to our Economy Class. Offering warm hospitality, individual attention and award-winning cuisine, discover why the best things in life don’t always come at a huge price. 

"[Etihad’s] passengers are called “guests”, an appellation that would be pretentious on an airline that did not have Etihad’s excellent service standards."

Daily Telegraph, UK

Economy at a glance

  • One of the world’s most spacious and ergonomically designed economy seats.
  • Generous meals made from quality ingredients accompanied by a complimentary bar service.
  • Three meal choices rather than two.
  • 10.4-inch touch screen on most flights.
  • In-seat power sockets.
  • Audio/ethernet connectivity.
  • Cradle recline ensures more comfortable ergonomic seating position
  • Family pack to keep the kids entertained.
  • Mood lighting to ease jet lag.

Inspired service, comfortable seats

Inspired service

Inspired service

Our Inspired Service concept promises a touch of inspiration every step of the way. Greater choice of food and beverage including items of up to three courses, and café style hot and cold beverages.

  • A more personal style of service from cabin crew members.

  • Larger, high-comfort pillows to assist with rest and relaxation.

  • Travel packs with comfort items for guests travelling on an overnight flight.

  • Special support for families and children, including kid’s entertainment packs.
Coral Economy Class

Comfortable seats

Sit back and relax in your wide cradle seat, easily one of the best economy class seats in the airline industry.

  • Ergonomically designed, our Economy Class seats provide great support and space so you can travel in greater comfort.

  • The ‘cradle recline’ feature ensures that your spine rests in a more natural position, letting you relax more easily with a seat pitch of between 32 and 34 inches.

  • Adjustable headrests add that extra bit to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Inflight entertainment

Entertainment, on demand

Entertainment, on demand

Stay entertained with over 675 hours of on-demand entertainment, including the latest movies, TV shows, music and interactive games, when you travel in our Economy Class.

  • Our 10.4-inch individual touchscreens, the largest economy class screens in the industry, are your ticket to non-stop entertainment.

  • Enjoy the latest blockbusters, timeless classics and the best in interactive games.

  • Play, pause, rewind as you like; our E-BOX entertainment system is easy to use and puts you in complete control.
Fun for young guests

Fun for young guests

Children on Etihad flights find it easy to keep busy and entertained, be it with our range of entertainment options for kids or the special ‘family packs’.

  • Let your child choose from an extensive selection of the latest in children’s films, TV programmes and interactive games.

  • Keep your child busy and creative with our ‘family pack’, which is full of fun activities, stickers, pencils and games.

  • Treat your child’s taste buds with our special kids’ menus, available on request at the time of booking or at least 48 hours before departure.


Advanced lighting

Advanced lighting

Our economy class mood lighting system creates the perfect cabin ambience for the various stages of your flight and according to the time of the day, providing a calming effect. Individual lighting options in every seat allow you to create your own ambience.
Dining that inspires

Dining that inspires

Dining in Economy Class is an experience to savour.

  • Relish the fresh taste and flavours of the finest ingredients that go into making our classic dishes.

  • Choose from as many as three main course options, one of which is always inspired by your destination.

  • Indulge in our fine selection of complimentary drinks, hand-picked from around the world.


Internet access

Internet access

Our OnAir onboard connectivity programme is available on three A330-300 aircraft and two A320s.

The A330-300 aircraft will operate mainly on the Geneva, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Casablanca and Seoul routes. The A320 will operate on any of the scheduled A320 routes.


Your economy class seat lets you recharge your laptop or iPod or connect your personal devices to E-BOX, our entertainment system.

  • Our economy class seats are equipped with in-seat power sockets compatible with most major plug types.

  •  Ethernet and audio sockets allow you to plug and play your own devices or music through the E-BOX system.