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    Sounds and noises are often the reason you wake up from a peaceful slumber

Noise-cancelling headsets

In order to keep unwanted sounds at bay, we have noise-cancelling headsets across all our cabins including Economy Class, to ensure your flight is pleasant and peaceful.

Enjoy our inflight entertainment without distractions or simply have some welcome peace and quiet as you gently fall asleep. 

Onboard radio and CD library

Sometimes, all you need to enjoy a moment of relaxation is the perfect soundtrack.

Enjoy a dedicated Meditation Channel on Onboard Radio which offers the perfect mix of music to get you in the mood for a relaxed night’s sleep. In addition there is an extensive CD library with around 400 albums across multiple genres.

You can compile your own soothing audio play-list and spend less time on the controls and more time unwinding. 

Pick a sense:

Touch Nothing impacts your comfort more than your sense of touch. And when it comes to sleep, everything from the softness of the mattress to the texture of the sheets will determine how fast you arrive at your ‘dream’ destination.

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Sight Light is one of the many ways your body knows when to sleep or wake up. Being able to control the lighting during a flight allows you to maximise your relaxation and avoid jet lag by keeping your internal body clock synced.

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Scents inspire feelings of relaxation and have the power to take us to places beyond our imagination. With the right aromas infused in the air, sleep is elevated to blissful new heights.

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Not much can compare to the blissful relaxation felt after savouring a five-star gourmet meal. Except maybe enjoying a hot drink just before bedtime. After all, sleep is best enjoyed after treating your taste buds to something delicious.

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