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If you are travelling down under with Etihad Airways, the Australia & New Zealand Airpass is a convenient way for you to book all of your internal flights in one easy step. With the Airpass, it’s easy to enjoy more of Australia and New Zealand while enjoying the flexibility of being able to change your dates or routes at any time. Internal flights are with our partners Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand and are split into three zones. Your Airpass can be made up of up to ten flights, from one, two or all three zones.

To book, contact your local Etihad office or travel agent. The Australia & New Zealand Airpass is available until 15 May 2016.

  1. Book an Etihad Airways flight to Australia or New Zealand.
  2. Use the tables inside to choose where you want to fly.
  3. Combine your flights in a way that suits you. They can all be within a single zone or across three zones.
  4. Prices differ based on the destinations you choose.
  5. We’ll give you a single booking reference, making it easier to keep track of your plans.
  6. If you change your mind about where you want to travel to, or when, it’s easy to change your internal flights.
  • Convenience: all your flights can be made with one booking, on one ticket.
  • Flexibility: change your travel dates or routes at any time.
  • Rewards: earn and redeem miles with all three loyalty programmes: Etihad Guest, Velocity Frequent Flyer and Air New Zealand Airpoints.
  • Budgeting: advance booking means the costs are taken care of before you travel.

Choose how much you want to see

 Select up to ten one-way flights from the zones below. You can book any combination of flights from one or both zones, and in either direction to and from, in order to suit your travel needs.



(To and from in either direction)







Adelaide – Melbourne

Adelaide – Sydney

Albany – Perth

Albury – Sydney

Ballina – Sydney

Brisbane – Canberra

Brisbane – Christchurch

Brisbane – Emerald

Brisbane – Gladstone

Brisbane - Hamilton Island

Brisbane – Mackay

Brisbane – Melbourne

Brisbane – Moranbah

Brisbane – Newcastle

Brisbane - Port Macquarie

Brisbane – Proserpine

Brisbane – Rockhampton

Brisbane – Sydney

Brisbane – Townsville

Bundaberg – Brisbane

Busselton – Perth

Canberra - Gold Coast

Canberra – Melbourne

Canberra – Sydney

Christchurch – Melbourne

Christchurch – Sydney

Coffs Harbour – Sydney

Esperance – Perth

Esperance – Ravensthorpe

Geraldton – Perth

Gold Coast – Sydney

Hervey Bay – Sydney

Hobart – Melbourne

Hobart – Sydney

Kalgoorlie – Perth

Launceston – Melbourne

Launceston – Sydney

Melbourne - Gold Coast

Melbourne – Mildura

Melbourne – Newcastle

Melbourne – Sydney

Perth – Ravensthorpe

Port Macquarie – Sydney

Sunshine Coast – Melbourne

Sunshine Coast – Sydney

Sydney - Coffs Harbour

Sydney - Gold Coast

Sydney - Hervey Bay

Sydney – Townsville



(To and from in either direction)







Adelaide – Brisbane

Adelaide – Canberra

Adelaide - Gold Coast

Alice Springs – Adelaide

Auckland – Brisbane

Auckland – Christchurch

Auckland – Dunedin

Auckland - Gold Coast

Auckland – Melbourne

Auckland – Queenstown

Auckland – Sydney

Auckland – Wellington

Brisbane – Cairns

Brisbane – Dunedin

Brisbane – Queenstown

Brisbane – Wellington

Christchurch – Dunedin

Christchurch – Queenstown

Christchurch – Wellington

Coffs Harbour – Melbourne

Darwin - Alice Springs

Hamilton Island – Melbourne

Hamilton Island – Sydney

Kalgoorlie – Melbourne

Kununurra – Perth

Mackay - Sydney

Sydney - Queenstown

Sydney - Wellington

Wellington – Dunedin

Wellington - Queenstown



(To and from in either direction)







Adelaide – Perth

Ayers Rock – Sydney

Brisbane – Cloncurry

Brisbane – Darwin

Brisbane – Hobart

Brisbane - Mount Isa

Brisbane – Perth

Broome – Perth

Cairns – Melbourne

Cairns - Sydney

Darwin – Melbourne

Darwin – Perth

Darwin – Sydney

Karratha – Perth

Melbourne - Perth

Paraburdoo – Perth

Perth – Newman

Perth - Port Hedland

Perth – Sydney

Terms and Conditions

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*The Australia & New Zealand Airpass is only valid when you travel to Australia and New Zealand with Etihad (flights operated by or marketed by Etihad). The Airpass must be purchased at the same time as booking your Etihad flight to Australia and New Zealand. The Airpass must be issued in one document in conjunction with an international airfare. The Airpass is not valid for travel after the completion of the international ticket. Airpass sectors are only valid for travel on Etihad codeshare flight numbers operated by Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand. Up to ten Airpass vouchers may be issued with an Etihad Airways international ticket. Fares exclude applicable surcharges, fees and taxes which will be calculated and added to the Airpass fare at the time of ticketing. Date and routing changes are permitted free of charge at any time (local service fee may apply). The Airpass can only be purchased prior to arrival in Australia or New Zealand, at local Etihad Airways offices or appointed travel agents. The prices quoted are in USD/GBP/EUR for a one-way journey on a vice versa basis and will be converted to the local currency where the international ticket is being issued. Rates are subject to availability of seats at the time of booking. All fares and information are subject to change without notice.