Meet the people who inspire us

Meet the people who inspire us

At Etihad Airways, we often come across special individuals who share our passion and drive. Many are guests of the airline who enjoy our hospitality on a regular basis.

What makes them unique is that they often reflect the values that make us the World’s Leading Airline.

These are remarkable men and women who follow their aspirations and excel across a range of interests; inspiring the world through entertainment, arts, sports, fashion, cuisine and travel. They journey across the globe to share their craft with a new generation of enthusiasts. And when they do, they travel with us.

Now we have invited them to join us as Etihad Guest Ambassadors. Together, we strive to create remarkable experiences for all our guests – on board, on the ground and for members of our Etihad Guest loyalty programme. This month, we venture into Luke Nguyen’s world of flavours and see what delectable dishes he’s serving up for you in-flight. We ask him how his favourite street food from the bustling heart of Etihad’s newest destination, Ho Chi Minh City, inspires him to create some of his most remarkable culinary creations.

Meet our Etihad Guest Ambassadors

 Meet Martin Kaymer
As a three-time winner of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, Martin Kaymer considers the capital a good luck charm, as his performance in the city often decides how his professional year will turn out. The German champion and former world number one considers Abu Dhabi his home away from home. Find out why

Meet Luke Nguyen
To say that Luke Nguyen is a chef would be quite an understatement. He’s a connoisseur of all things culinary, combining the exotic flavours of Southeast Asia with more contemporary continental flourishes to create some of the world’s best masterpieces of fusion cuisine. Take a peek into his world of flavours

Meet Dannii Minogue
You’ll find the X Factor Australia and Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model judge helping Etihad handpick the best combination of in-flight entertainment for our guests. See what’s behind the scenes

Meet Patrick Vieira
Along with Etihad, he’s championing another cause – guiding the next generation of winners at Manchester City’s Under-21 team. See how we’re helping him do just that

Meet Shane Warne
Shane Warne has partnered with Etihad to spread the one thing he values the most to communities around the world – passion. See how we’re making the difference