Thinking about a job in the UAE?

As the world’s fastest growing commercial airline, Etihad Airways offers significant opportunities for its people to pursue their professional and personal goals.
Why the UAE?

As such, we also offer great personal benefits and a great employment package that, for Abu Dhabi based staff, includes:

  • Tax-free salary
  • Accommodation (depending on grade/role)
  • Education Allowance (depending on grade/role)
  • Health Insurance
  • End of service benefits
  • Reduced airline fares and Etihad Holidays packages
  • Discounts on goods and services, including hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions
  • Special facilities such as gyms and medical care
  • Significant opportunities for career growth

Why the UAE?

  • Stable and sustainable economy
  • Expanding metropolis
    - The Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Vision – ensures a balanced social and regional economic development approach that brings benefits to all
  • The UAE boasts one of the highest living standards in the world
  • Abu Dhabi has a large and active police force that is highly respected, and takes community involvement seriously
  • The UAE’s vast expatriate culture has led to the availability of many varied educational systems with many schools to choose from
  • Abu Dhabi has many private and government hospitals and the quality of medical care in the UAE is highly regarded
  • The UAE is a multicultural and receptive country and visitors are made to feel both welcome and safe. The attitude to dress is relaxed, but visitors, both male and female, should show respect for local culture and customs in public places
  • The official language of the UAE is Arabic however English is widely spoken in the hotels and shops. English is used as a second language in commerce and is the business language used within the Company
  • Abu Dhabi has a well-structured and ever growing network of local and international banks and banking activities are strictly controlled by the UAE Central Bank
  • Abu Dhabi is an easy city to get around, it is a modern city and has sound infrastructure. You will find that most roads are designed on a grid system and parallel to each other, connected by small streets
  • The multi-cultural resident communities in the UAE have ensured that a sophisticated and innovative culinary culture has developed with a varied selection of restaurants to choose from
  • Comfortable, predictable climate