Assessment information

Cabin Crew Assessment information

A CV Drop assessment is available to anyone who meets our criteria. An invitation to attend is not necessary.

Should you meet the criteria, you may be required to stay for the whole day or asked to return the next day to attend a full Assessment Day.

Should you then be required to attend a final interview, this will be conducted the day after the Assessment Day in most cases.

If you wish to attend a CV Drop you must bring the following with you:

    • 1 copy of your full CV including up to date employment dates, contact telephone number and email address.
    • 1 passport size photograph.

An invite only assessment is an invitation only event for selected candidates who have been invited after a CV Drop or have applied online.

To attend an Assessment Day you must have either attended a CV Drop or applied online and have received an invitation. If you have not been invited you will not be allowed to stay for the Assessment Day.

Assessment Days

The Etihad Cabin Crew Recruitment team conduct assessments in numerous countries worldwide. In order to be shortlisted to attend one of these events you will need to first complete an online application.            

To apply and register for future events, click here  Apply Now

Invite Only Assessment Day - (Postponed)