Frequently asked questions

From what age does my child require their own seat onboard the plane?

Children above the age of 2 years on the date of travel will require their own seat.

Do different fares apply for children, depending on their age?

Infant fare
Young guests below 2 years old, on the date of travel, are classified as infants. If travelling on their 2nd birthday, a child fare should be booked.

Child fare
Young guests from 2 years old and below 12 years old, on the date of travel, are classified as children. If travelling on their 12th birthday, an adult fare should be booked.

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What is the minimum age that a child can travel with Etihad Airways?

A child must be at least 7 days old on the date of travel.

Are special meals available for children?

Request your baby's meal or child's meal at the time of booking or 24 hours before departure. Preferred meals will not be available onboard unless you have pre-ordered.

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Do you provide food for babies?

A limited supply of baby food is available upon request from your cabin crew. Meals should be requested at least 24 hours prior to departure.

Can I take baby food/milk onboard the plane in my hand baggage?

Yes, despite the restrictions on carrying liquids in your hand baggage, special allowance has been made to allow parents to carry a limited quantity of baby food and/or formula, appropriate for the journey. Any containers will be checked by airport security and you may be required to taste the food/milk as proof of its content. We would suggest that you pack at least one extra feed/meal for your child to cover any unexpected delays.

Can you provide a baby bassinet for my baby onboard the plane?

All of our aircraft are fitted with baby bassinet positions where a specially designed carry-cot can be installed for use by a small child or infant. 

They have been carefully designed to accommodate infants below 10 months old and weighing less than 10kg. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis in Economy Class and Business Class so please book early to reserve one.

Are there any additional services if my family is travelling in First or Business Class?

Yes, if you’re travelling in First or Business Class, you can use our Family Rooms available in our dedicated lounges at select airports.

Ask your check-in agent for more information.

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Can I use my child’s own car-seat onboard the aircraft?

Yes, provided it meets certain strict criteria and is approved for use onboard an aircraft. You must follow instructions and guidance provided by the seat’s manufacturer to ensure your child’s safety.

Does Etihad Airways do anything special to assist families?

All of our long-haul flights have a ‘Flying Nanny’ onboard, providing an extra pair of hands, whether it’s helping to get the children settled for bed, keeping them entertained during the flight, or simply offering advice and support to parents. Our Flying Nannies have attended specialist training with both Etihad and the world-renowned Norland College.

Can I leave my children with the Flying Nanny during the flight?

Our Flying Nanny can assist you, but cannot assume full responsibility for your child during the flight, as they need to be available to help other families as well. Likewise, our Flying Nannies cannot due to legalities and safety, carry out personal care routines for your infant or child, such as nappy changing or taking them to the bathroom.

How can I keep my children occupied on a long flight?

We provide a host of different ways to help keep your children entertained, including a wide choice of television shows, movies, music and video games. We also provide Children’s Packs with games and activities (suitable for children aged 3 years and over) and our Flying Nanny will also have games and activities to help keep your children occupied.

How do I stop my child watching films or TV shows that aren’t age appropriate?

You can ‘child proof’ the inflight entertainment system to control what content they can watch. Simply select the ‘parental block’ option on the IFE control.