The Australia Skypass

These fantastic fares make it all the more rewarding to explore the best of Australia and New Zealand. With the Skypass - the more you see, the more you save.
More flights to even more destinations

More flights to even more destinations:

• Access to a combined network of over 100 destinations worldwide.
• Reciprocal miles accrual and redemption across all three networks with Etihad Guest, Virgin Australia's Velocity Platinum Frequent Flyer and Air New Zealand Airpoints Programme .
• Full tier status recognition and benefits across all three networks.
• Luxury limousine transfers and premium lounge access with Etihad.
• Award-winning service all the way, including complimentary inflight catering and entertainment onboard your Virgin Australia or Air New Zealand flights.
How it works

How it works:

1. Every zone has a selection of destinations with a corresponding one way fare in the table opposite.
1. Choose the zone(s) and destination(s) you’d like to fly to.
2. Book your seat to Australia or New Zealand with the World’s Leading Airline*.
3. Buy up to 10 sectors based on your travel zones to enjoy great savings on fares.
4. It is extremely flexible – you can change your Skypass travel date(s) and / or route(s) without any penalty whatsoever.

The Australia-New Zealand Skypass

Thanks to Etihad Airways and our codeshare partners, you can connect better and enjoy great savings with Etihad Airways and the Australia-New Zealand Skypass.

Now, you can travel to even more destinations in Australia and New Zealand thanks to our codeshare partners, Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand.

Etihad's Australia-New Zealand Skypass is only valid in conjunction with travel on any Etihad flight number (EY operated or marketed) to Australia / New Zealand.

Zone 1 - Australia Domestic

Zone 1
Adelaide - Canberra Adelaide - Melbourne Brisbane - Hamilton Island Brisbane - Mackay
Brisbane – Newcastle Brisbane – Port Macquarie Brisbane - Rockhampton Brisbane - Sydney
Canberra – Hobart Canberra – Melbourne Canberra - Sydney Coffs Harbour - Sydney
Cairns -Townsville Melbourne -Hobart Melbourne – Launceston Melbourne – Mildura
Melbourne - Sydney Sydney –Ballina Sydney -Coffs Harbour Sydney – Hervey Bay
Sydney - Sunshine Coast Sydney – Gold Coast Sydney – Port Macquarie Albury – Sydney
Brisbane -Newcastle Canberra – Melbourne Melbourne – Launceston Sydney – Hervey Bay
Rockhampton –Townsville

Australia Domestic

Zone 2
Adelaide - Brisbane Adelaide – Gold Coast Adelaide - Sydney Brisbane - Canberra
Sydney - Townsville Perth – Karratha Brisbane - Hobart Brisbane –Melbourne
Brisbane - Whitsunday Coast Brisbane - Townsville Perth - Broom Sydney – Launceston
Canberra - Townsville Melbourne – Newcastle Melbourne – Gold Coast Sydney - Rockhampton
Sydney – Hamilton Island Perth – Port Hedland Perth - Newman Sydney - Cairns
Sydney - Hobart Brisbane – Gladstone Sydney - Mackay Brisbane - Emerald
Coffs Harbour - Melbourne Brisbane - Cairns Melbourne – Marcoola

New Zealand Domestic

Zone 2
Auckland – Dunedin Auckland – Christchurch Auckland - Wellington
Auckland - Queenstown Christchurch – Dunedin Christchurch – Wellington
Christchurch – Queenstown Wellington – Dunedin Wellington – Queenstown

Australia Domestic

Zone 3
Adelaide - Broome Adelaide - Perth Ayres Rock - Sydney
Brisbane - Darwin Brisbane – Hayman Island Brisbane – Mount Isa
Brisbane - Perth Cairns - Melbourne Darwin - Melbourne
Darwin - Perth Hayman Island – Sydney Melbourne - Perth
Perth – Sydney


Zone 3
Auckland - Brisbane Auckland - Gold Coast Auckland - Melbourne Auckland - Sydney Brisbane - Dunedin
Brisbane – Hamilton Brisbane - Queenstown Brisbane - Wellington Brisbane -Christchurch Canberra – Gold Coast
Christchurch - Melbourne Christchurch - Sydney Melbourne - Queenstown Melbourne - Wellington Sydney - Darwin
Sydney - Queenstown Sydney - Rotorua Sydney - Wellington

Economy and Business Class zone pricing

Zones Economy from USD ** Premium Economy from USD**
Zone 1 59 269
Zone 2 89 359
Zone 3 169 469
Zone 4 189 599


Etihad's Australia-New Zealand Skypass is only valid in conjunction with travel on any Etihad flight number (EY operated or marketed) to Australia / New Zealand.

Available for sale until 31 December, 2014.
Available for travel until 31 March, 2015.

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Australia & New Zealand Skypass

Terms and conditions

**Etihad's Australia-New Zealand Skypass is only valid in conjunction with travel on any Etihad flight number (EY operated or marketed) to Australia/New Zealand.

- SkyPass must be purchased simultaneously with an Etihad fare to Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands.
- SkyPass sectors are valid for travel only on Etihad Codeshare flight numbers operated by Virgin AUSTRALIA or Air New Zealand.
- 10 SkyPass vouchers may be issued in conjunction with an Etihad Airways international ticket.
- The validity of the SkyPass and period of stay of the holder will be determined by the validity of the international ticket.
- Fares exclude applicable surcharges fees and taxes which will be calculated and added to the SkyPass fare at the time of ticketing.
- Date and routing changes permitted free of charge at any time (local service fee may apply).
- SkyPass can only be purchased prior to arrival in Australia,  New Zealand or the Pacific Islands, at local Etihad Airways offices or appointed Travel Agents.
- The SkyPass must be issued in conjunction with an international airfare to Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands, purchased outside of Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands, plated Etihad Airways 607.
- The SkyPass is not valid for travel after the completion of the international ticket.
- The prices quoted are in USD for a one-way journey on a vice versa basis and will be converted to the local currency where the international ticket is being issued.
- Rates are subject to availability of seats at the time of booking.
- All fares and information are subject to change without notice.