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02 Mar 2015 15:00

Etihad Airways, the National airline of the United Arab Emirates, has marked the sendoff of its first batch of pilots enrolled in the UAE’s national military service with an information session attended by the airlines’ senior management.  

Fifteen Etihad Airways’ pilots have enrolled in the National Service’s 20 week pilot program specially devised in collaboration with the National Service and Reserve Authority to leverage and further develop their skills. A further 23 UAE Nationals occupying various roles within the airline will also embark on national service training. Previously, more than 40 Etihad Airways’ employees joined the military service.

Speaking at the event, Hasan Al Hammadi, Etihad Airways’ Senior Vice President of Executive Affairs, congratulated the recruits and thanked them on behalf of Etihad Airways for being part of this great cause.

He added: “The specialised training you will receive as part of the national service will not only build your character and teach you to rely on yourselves but will also equip you with the leadership skills and qualities that will no doubt help you as you progress in your lives and careers in the future.

“The UAE’s leadership chose the name ‘National Service’ rather than obligatory service to reinforce the national sense of belonging. It is not about compulsion but rather it is about giving back to this generous country that has already given us so much.”

The airline’s national service event also included a question and answer session that addressed many of the recruits’ concerns and answered any inquiries they had on their roles and career progression while they are enrolled in the service. 

More than 60 pilots and employees are also expected to join the National Service by the end of the year bringing the total of Etihad Airways’ UAE National staff on the country’s first national duty service to over 150.

Commenting on leaving his post and joining the National Service, Hasan Al Hashimi, Etihad Airways’ General Manager in the Maldives said: “I am excited and proud at the same time at this opportunity to serve my country. I know it will be hard but it will definitely be worth it in the end.” 

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