treasures of

the UAE's past

Be a part of the legacy of this nation.

The year of the 50th

Exploring untold treasure troves of the past 50 years

The legacy of a nation is built with its people and the memories that are locked in their homes, hearts and minds. Let’s take a voyage back in time and reminisce on these historical moments.

Being the national airline of the UAE, Etihad will source, archive and share these great milestones with the world.

The year of the 50th

Celebrating the year of the 50th

The year of the 50th marks 50 years since seven founding fathers united in peace to form the UAE; a nation shaped by values and sacrifice, and propelled forward by innovation and inclusivity.

Rising together at 50 is our celebration of that remarkable journey and the incredible growth of a country and its people.

From free flights and bonus Etihad Guest Miles, to discount vouchers for experiences across Abu Dhabi; we’re giving away 50,000 prizes to celebrate 50 years of the UAE.

This is the country we’re proud to call home, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you.