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Air Transportation User Service Plan

Public notification of this Air Transportation User Service Plan is hereby provided as follows pursuant to Article 119-5 of the Civil Aviation Act and Notice 2016-471 of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

1. Measures to take when denying boarding due to over-selling

  1. If it is expected that passengers will be denied boarding due to over-selling of tickets on flights departing from an airport located in the Republic of Korea, efforts shall be made to minimize involuntary non-boarding by finding persons willing to voluntarily postpone boarding.
  2. Persons unable to board even after taking the above measures shall be compensated in accordance with the Standards for Resolving Non-Performance of Air (International Passenger) Transport Obligations under the itemized resolution standards of the Consumer Dispute Resolution Code.
  3. This article does not apply if agreement is reached or compensation paid at a higher level than that which is provisioned under Paragraph 2.

2. Measures to take when baggage is damaged

Measures shall be taken pursuant to Paragraph 2 (Baggage), Article 15 (Liability for Damages) of the Etihad Airways Conditions of Carriage.

3. Measures to take during delays on the tarmac

  1. International transport when passengers have boarded the aircraft may not be delayed on the tarmac by more than four hours. This delay time refers to the time from closing the airplane doors for takeoff and until takeoff or after landing and until opening the doors after landing to deplane. However, the following exceptions apply.
    i. If the captain determines that passengers cannot deplane due to safety or security reasons, such as due to the weather or instructions by a government-related organ.
    ii. If a government-related organ, etc. expresses its opinion that returning to the boarding gate or having passengers deplane from a non-boarding gate location could cause serious confusion to airport operations.
  2. If tarmac delays continue for more than two hours, passengers shall be provided with appropriate food and drink. However, this does not apply if the captain determines that such service could threaten safety or security.
  3. Information about the reasons for tarmac delays and the current situation thereof shall be provided to passengers every thirty minutes.
  4. Human and physical resources shall be committed to the situation in order to execute the emergency plan for tarmac delays.

4. Information about flight ticket cancellations, refunds or changes

Adequate information is provided in advance about the terms and conditions for flight ticket cancellations, refunds and changes before issuing tickets through the Etihad Airways website or the Etihad Airways Contact Center. Tickets are issued and payments made only after customers have verified the related information and provided their consent before payment.

5. Making changes after tickets have been sold

We notify changes to flight schedules through available contact methods, including text messaging, email and phone (if contact information is available). Same-day schedule changes shortly before departure are instead notified at the airport.

For more detailed information, please refer to Article 9 (Schedules, Delays, Cancellation of Flights) of the Conditions of Carriage.

6. Information provision plan

  1. You can check the weight and number limits for baggage allowances, as well as fees for excess baggage, through Etihad Airways Baggage Information
  2. Information about code-sharing is provided before flight reservation and ticketing. Boarding procedures are handled by the operating carrier, with the baggage policy being based on the policy of the marketing carrier and shown on the flight ticket.
  3. You can check seat maps of aircraft being flown by Etihad Airways. 

Information on damage relief to air transportation users

Situations to which damage relief applies

  • Non-performance and delays by the air transport provider
  • Loss or damage of checked baggage
  • Over-selling of tickets
  • Delays in providing minimum ticket refunds
  • Making it impossible to board by not providing information about boarding gates, flights, etc.
  • Omission of air mileage due to airline negligence
  • Air mileage expiration without advance notice by the airline
  • Aircraft boarding difficulties because facilities under Item 7, Article 2 of the Act on Promotion of the Transportation Convenience of Mobility Disadvantaged Personsn have not been installed

(However, compensation is not provided for losses arising due to unavoidable circumstances, including weather conditions, aircraft connections, unforeseeable repairs required for flight safety or natural disasters during flight operations.) 

Contact point for filing claims for damage or to submit other questions

Time limits for dealing with issues

14 days or less from the date that a claim for damage restitution is filed

(Or, if there are extenuating circumstances, such as having to perform translations related to the damage restitution investigation, then 60 days or less from the date of filing)

Notification of processing results

Choose to receive information about loss claims by phone or email

Procedure for processing claims for loss compensation

(Passenger) Fills out and submits Claim for Loss Compensation → (Etihad Airways) Receives the Claim for Loss Compensation → (Etihad Airways) Investigates the circumstances of the loss → (Etihad Airways) Reviews the processing methods, including the related laws and terms and conditions → (Etihad Airways) Notifies the customer of the processing results → (Passenger) Transfers the matter to the Korea Consumer Agency, if filing an appeal.