Interviews and Assessment Day

An assessment day helps to determine your suitability for a particular position within Etihad. Our assessments will determine whether you have the right skills and attitude to meet the required competencies of a job. Before the session ends, you will have the chance to ask questions. The assessment day may consist of various exercises including the following:

Competency interviews:
An interview will usually last no longer than one hour. Generally, the panel includes one person from recruitment and a manager. You may be asked to give specific examples about your experience so it is a good idea to be prepared to talk about what you have done in previous jobs.

A presentation may be requested for specific positions. For some presentations you will be given the topic on the day and allowed time to prepare. For others, you will be given the topic in advance.

Role Play:
You will participate in a face-to-face interaction and panel members may be present at the assessment as observers.

Group Exercise:
You may be required to participate in a group activity with other candidates. The interview panel will be present at the assessment as observers.

English test:
Depending on the position, you may be tested to assess your level of English competency.

Computer test:
You may be tested on your computer skills, including MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint if the position requires these skills.

Job related questions:
You may be asked about your understanding of the role and your previous experience. Work related scenarios may also be given.

After having an assessment with us, we will endeavour to get back to you with a response within a reasonable period of time.

Depending on the position you have applied for will determine the level of feedback you will receive from our Recruitment Team.

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Our recruitment process begins with your online application. For your application to be considered, you must first meet our minimum criteria and ensure that your credentials match the position you are applying for. Please ensure your CV is professional and presentable and every part of your application form completed before submission online.

One of our recruitment specialists will evaluate your application against the minimum qualifications required and, if you meet them, you will be invited for telephone interview and/or assessment day.

If you are an industrious skilled professional with aspirations of acomplishing a career in a fast paced, dynamic environment, apply today to meet with our recruitment team.

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