@ home

We know this has been a tough journey for everyone around the world, but we want you to know that we’re thinking of you at every moment. We can't predict the future, but we can look forward to brighter times ahead. 

Kindness will always keep us together

Though we may be further apart in person, kindness will always keep us together. 

From Our Home To Yours 

From our home to yours, together we stand united.

In This Together

Because sharing joy is what our crew do best, here’s our message to the world.

Wuhan Humanitarian Flight

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, our focus has been on bringing the world home safely.

Thank You Heroes

To all the heroes risking their lives to help protect ours: thank you.

Providing Meals to Communities

We’ve been busy behind the scenes cooking and delivering more than 15,000 meals every day across the capital. 

Wings of the Human Spirit

We’re doing everything we can to keep the world connected, because nothing can ground the human spirit.

Thanking our Frontline Heroes

With compassion and care, an incredible team are working around the clock to keep the world connected. 

We’ll bring the world to you 

If you can’t travel the world, we’ll bring the world to you instead.

Learn Arabic with our Crew

Marhaba! Our cabin crew teach you a few words in Arabic – the language of our home. Jahzeen?

Arts and Crafts

Keep tiny explorers entertained with this arts and crafts activity by our Inflight Nanny.

Learn Spanish with our Crew

Learn the basics of Spanish with our cabin crew then put your new skills to the test on your next trip.

How to make Kheer

Chef Sanjay shows us his modern take on the traditional Indian dessert, Kheer – a sweet rice pudding. 

Inflight Chef's Wild Mushroom Risotto

Our Inflight Chef will transport you to the cobbled streets of Italy with this creamy risotto.

Messages from our partners

We’re immensely proud of our partnerships around the world. Together we stand united.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Curious

You might not be able to travel right now, but your mind can still explore. 

We Salute You


If we’ve learned anything during this time, it’s that we live among heroes. 

Stand By AUH


We see you standing, so that others may take a seat. Thank you. 

Getting ready to greet the sky

When the world is ready to travel again, we will be there.

Ready to Soar Again

From maintenance to refreshed cabin interiors, see how we're improving our aircraft while they're on the ground.