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COCO-MAT all-natural handcrafted products

Of all the things that make falling asleep effortless – its the cosiness of the bed. From the crafters of the world’s most innovative sleep products, First Class guests can now experience supreme comfort with COCO-MAT.

At their workshops in Xanthi, Greece, COCO-MAT all-natural fibres are sourced from every corner of the world and handcrafted to create some of the most comfortable and natural mattresses, pillows and duvets. First Class features the COCO-MAT mattress, pillow and duvet on a fully-flat bed with a personal turn-down service.

With the right balance of softness and support, we make sure you arrive at your destination well rested and ready for the day ahead. 

Fully-flat beds

Experience the comfort of a fully-flat bed as standard on all our long-haul flights in both First and Business Class.

First Class offers the unparalleled luxury of an 80.5-inch bed in a private suite. Enjoy a turn-down service and all-natural COCO-MAT mattress and bed linen. In Business Class, you can unwind in your own 73-inch bed, with a luxury comforter and pillows. You can also enjoy an in-built massage function that can be tailored to your preference whether reclining or sleeping.

The comfort continues in Economy Class where our cradle seat with lumbar support and adjustable headrest, enables you to find the ideal sitting or reclining position. Cosy up with a fleece blanket and receive a comfort kit for overnight flights.

Poltrona Frau leather upholstery

The feel of leather denotes more than just elegance – it is a stylish comfort few other materials can rival.

That’s why the interior of First Class Suites, First Class seats and Business Class cabins feature elegant hand-made leatherwork and upholstery from Poltrona Frau.

Since 1912, Poltrona Frau has been crafting some of the finest furnishings and seating designs for some of the world’s most revered carmakers including Ferrari and Maserati. Now you can enjoy that same immaculate comfort and style on board Etihad Airways.

Pick a sense:

Sight Light is one of the many ways your body knows when to sleep or wake up. Being able to control the lighting during a flight allows you to maximise your relaxation and avoid jet lag by keeping your internal body clock synced.

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Sound Sounds and noises are often the reason you wake up from a peaceful slumber. Falling and staying asleep is easier when you can keep ambient noises under control and sound levels minimised.

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Scents inspire feelings of relaxation and have the power to take us to places beyond our imagination. With the right aromas infused in the air, sleep is elevated to blissful new heights.

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Not much can compare to the blissful relaxation felt after savouring a five-star gourmet meal. Except maybe enjoying a hot drink just before bedtime. After all, sleep is best enjoyed after treating your taste buds to something delicious.

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