We choose to


Innovation is not just a buzz word to us. We are proud to be an airline that values and encourages innovation from within our organisation, and through our global network of partners. 

Work with us

Specialise in new technologies or think you’ve found the answer to a seamless travel experience? 

Join our network of global partners. We want to hear from motivated start-ups and businesses who believe in our mission to give our guests choice and a truly unique travel experience, while improving the way we work at Etihad. 

Innovation through building,
testing and pivoting

Etihad’s Innovate Lab supports and accelerates the delivery of promising ideas and projects with streamlined governance, seed funding, dedicated resources and an external network of partners.

We provide the optimal conditions to deliver proof-of-concepts, prototypes, pilots and minimum viable products across Etihad. 

Startup Runway

Together with Plug and Play, we have launched Abu Dhabi’s first travel and hospitality accelerator, inviting global start-ups to help us drive innovation and entrepreneurship across our industry.

iFikra innovation platform

We’ve partnered with Swae, an award-winning start-up in Vancouver, to develop and deliver an employee-focused platform that enables staff to contribute to innovation. The platform is focused on collaboration and harnessing the collective creativity of our organisation.

Virtual cabin tour

Take a virtual step into our cabins with our new 3D tour, available in both our Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A380. 

Jet Lag Adviser

Etihad is proud to be the first airline to trial Panasonic’s new wellness solution, Jet Lag Adviser. 

The Jet Lag Adviser uses artificial intelligence to produce personalised jet lag plans to help passengers reduce jet lag.

Apple Music

We’ve partnered with Apple to create the perfect holiday soundtrack! Let our curated playlists inspire your next adventure. 


Etihad made history by flying the world’s first commercial flight using a portion of locally produced biofuel, a project of the Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium (SBRC).

Autonomous wheelchairs

We’re committed to making travel more accessible and inclusive, and are proud to have launched an innovative trial of autonomous wheelchairs at Abu Dhabi International Airport. In collaboration with Abu Dhabi Airports Company, Whill and SITA, the WHILL ‘Autonomous Drive System’ wheelchairs let our guests move around the airport with even more freedom and flexibility. 

Innovation success stories

Find out what’s happening across the world of Etihad. Read our latest news and stay up to date with our newest products and services. 

Reinvent the way we travel

We’re looking for people who aren’t afraid to think or fly outside the box. Are you a university student in the UAE with a big idea? Submit an application to join Fikra University and help us to push boundaries, challenge the norm and revolutionise the way the world travels.


Submissions close 10 October 2019.