The new gateway
to Abu Dhabi and the world

Welcome to
Zayed International Airport

Welcome to Zayed International Airport - Terminal A, the new home of Etihad Airways.

Zayed International Airport is more than just a new terminal. It’s our commitment to providing unparalleled travel experiences, where seamless connectivity, remarkable hospitality and exceptional comfort converge to create unforgettable journeys.


Transforming travel

Zayed International Airport is a testament to our promise to transform travel into an experience like no other, where every moment is curated, every experience is exceptional, and every destination is within reach.

A streamlined travel experience

Zayed International Airport effortlessly integrates technology, infrastructure and best-in-class services to streamline the travel experience.

Seamless connectivity

Every aspect of the terminal has been meticulously designed to enhance connectivity, minimise stress and maximise the joy of exploration; like interconnected biometric systems and self-service kiosks for a completely digitised journey.

Gateway to Abu Dhabi and the world

Positioned at the heart of the globe and with a focus on comfort, convenience and connectivity, Terminal A is a premier destination for transit and connecting flights. Stop over in Abu Dhabi and transfer seamlessly across Asia, Africa, Europe and beyond.

Dedicated check-in areas

We understand that smooth journeys start with a seamless check-in. That’s why we’ve introduced dedicated check-in areas, separate entrances, valet services and recommended parking areas for each cabin.

We recommend all eligible guests online check-in from 30 hours before their departure to save even more time. Guests also have the option to home check-in or city check-in, which enable them to arrive at the airport luggage free!

checking in

Economy Class

Checking in for your flight in Economy is quick and easy with a dedicated entrance through Doors 1 – 3. There are 26 check-in desks, 14 biometric-led self-service kiosks, and a conveniently located guest service desk.

Business Class

Help yourself to a cool refreshment and let us handle the rest.

And with a separate entrance and immigration lane just for Business Class flyers, you can look forward to fast-tracking through the airport with ease.

First Class and The Residence

Let our team show you to a seat in our dedicated check-in area and enjoy a drink whilst we take care of everything else.

When you’re ready, fast-track through immigration thanks to a dedicated lane for guests of First Class and The Residence.

Airport lounges

The state-of-the-art airport lounges in Zayed International Airport - Terminal A haven’t just been designed with comfort and convenience in mind; they’ve been expertly created to ensure that your trip starts brilliantly. 

Located between Piers C and D, the First Class and Business Class Lounges have everything you need to make sure you’re rested and ready for the next part of your journey.

Where applicable, you can even board your flight directly from the airport lounge.

Airport lounge


The arrivals experience at Zayed International Airport is all about convenience, so you can look forward to beginning your Abu Dhabi adventure – or the next part of your journey – swiftly. 

When you’ve collected your bags, follow the signs to meet your pre-booked Etihad Chauffeur, or use our Etihad Shuttle service to get to Dubai or Al Ain quickly and easily. Etihad Shuttle is complimentary when you reserve your seat at the time of booking your flight. 

And if you need help, our team will be on hand. Just visit the Etihad Help Desk, situated in Arrivals. 


E-gates with passport and eye scan.


Immigration counters.


Baggage reclaim belts.

19 minutes

Average walking time from gate to curb.

Etihad Chauffeur 

If you've booked our chauffeur service, collect your bags then head left toward baggage belt 10 and follow the signs for Etihad Chauffeur. There you’ll meet your driver, and it’s also the perfect place to unwind and freshen up after your flight.

  • Relax after your trip
  • Enjoy light refreshments and hot or cold drinks 
  • Grab a takeaway snack from our self-service station 
  • Meet your pre-booked Etihad Chauffeur 
  • When you’re ready, your Etihad Chauffeur will drive you to your destination
Etihad Chauffeur
Stopover in Abu Dhabi

Stopovers and connecting flights in Abu Dhabi

Whether you’re stopping over for a few days or connecting to another flight, Abu Dhabi is an ideal transit destination.

Its strategic location in the heart of the Middle East makes it a global aviation hub, connecting you seamlessly from Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond in just a few hours. And with a focus on comfort, efficiency and speed, the opening of Zayed International Airport means you’ll no longer see your transfer as a necessity, but as an experience in itself.

State-of-the-art facilities, a modern and spacious terminal, and an extensive choice of shopping and dining outlets cater perfectly to everything you need whilst you wait for your transfer flight.

And if you have a bit longer, easy and convenient transport links make it simple to explore the bustling capital of the UAE. But one of the best parts? You can even stop over for free.

Transferring in Abu Dhabi: Step by step

If you’re catching a connecting flight in Abu Dhabi, you can look forward to a quick and smooth transfer. Follow the steps below and you’ll be at the gate for your next flight in 15 minutes.

When you arrive, follow the Transfers signs.

If you need help, head to the Transfer Services desks.

You’ll go through transfer screening, then continue one level down for duty free, dining, and Departures.

Flying to the US

If you’re flying to the US, you may be able to use our US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility, which enables you to clear US immigration before you leave Abu Dhabi. So you’ll be free to start your trip as soon as you land in the US.

US flights

Zayed International Airport: Location

Zayed International Airport is located less than 20 minutes from Yas Island – the entertainment capital of Abu Dhabi – and about 30 minutes from the city centre and major attractions like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Taxis are easy to get from the airport and there’s no need to book in advance.

Even more rewarding journeys

Our state-of-the-art Business Class Lounge is complimentary for Silver and Gold members flying in Economy. And Gold members are also invited to use our dedicated Business Class check-in area, with a separate drop off entrance and immigration lane.

If you’re a Platinum member travelling in Economy, take a seat in our First Class check-in area when you arrive in Zayed International Airport and let our team take care of you. Fast-track through immigration then unwind the private sanctuary of our First Class Lounge, complimentary for you and a guest.

US flights

A personalised journey

We understand that what really matters when you fly are facilities and services personalised to you. So tell us what type of traveller you are and we’ll show how we can help make your journey that little bit smoother.


To and from the airport

  • If you’re driving to Zayed International Airport, there are 1,500 long-term parking spaces and over 3,000 short-term parking spaces.
  • And if you’re being dropped off, your car or taxi can drop you directly to the terminal doors.
  • Our Etihad Shuttle service is a quick and cost-effective to way to travel between Zayed International Airport, Al Ain and Dubai, and it’s complimentary when you reserve your seat at the time of booking your flight.


Check-in and baggage

  • Family check-in desks are brilliant if you’re travelling with small children.
  • If you’re travelling with a push chair or car seat, this will arrive on the Oversized baggage belt.


Airport facilities

  • Shops, restaurants and children’s play areas will keep everyone entertained before the flight.
  • Or you can pay to use our airport lounge with a dedicated family room.
  • There are plenty of baby changing and feeding facilities throughout the airport.
  • A bigger terminal and more facilities mean a bit more walking. Keep this in mind when it’s time to head to the gate and consider using our travellators.
  • And don’t worry if you get to the gate early as families with small children will be able to board first.
  • Remember to take pictures with Sana Al Noor – a unique structure that hovers between the Departures and Arrivals areas of Zayed International Airport - Terminal A.


Find out more about flying with children