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Infants and children

Infant with mother

Infant fare
Young guests below 2 years, on the date of travel, are classified as infants. If travelling on their 2nd birthday, a child fare should be booked. 

If known at the time of travel that the infant would turn to a child on the return flight, separate infant and child tickets should be booked through our offices. 

Infant booking
Infants do not have their own seat unless a child’s fare is purchased for them. You can buy a ticket online for an infant, only if booked along with an adult. Please contact us to add an infant to an existing booking. Service fees apply.

Know the baggage allowances for infants


  • An infant must be at least 7 days old on the date of travel.
  • Age classification will apply on the date of travel and not at the time of booking.
  • Fare rules apply for refunds.
  • Each infant carried on board must be accompanied by an adult. One adult is only permitted to accompany one infant. If travelling with more than one infant, the guardian must arrange for an additional adult(s) to accompany each infant.
Child blowing bubbles Child fare
Young guests from 2 years and below 12 years, on the date of travel, are classified as children. If travelling on their 12th birthday, an adult fare should be booked.

If the status of a child turns to an adult on the return flight, a child fare applies throughout the journey.

  • Age classification will apply on the date of travel and not at the time of booking.
  • Fare rules apply for refunds.
  • Different rules and procedures are applied to children travelling on their own as Unaccompanied Minors.

Baby bassinets and child meals

Flying with partner airlines
If your flight or a segment of your flight is operated by one of our many partner airlinesplease contact the operating carrier for all assistance. We cannot guarantee the service on other carriers not operated by us.

Our bassinets are specially designed carry-cots, to help your baby sleep flat during the flight.

If you’re travelling with an infant who will weigh less than 11kg on the day of travel, you can request a baby bassinet when you book your flight. Your infant must also fit comfortably in the bassinet. Our cabin crew will confirm that your infant safely fits in the bassinet before affixing it at your seat position.

Please request your bassinet when you book your flight, as we have a limited number available on each flight. We allocate bassinets on a first come, first served basis.

If you would like to add a bassinet request to an existing booking, go to Manage my Booking and update the ‘Special Requests’ for your Infant. 

Please note: For safety reasons, you may only use bassinets during the flight when the seatbelt sign is switched off and when the cabin crew permit you to do so. Please follow the instructions from the cabin crew.

Flying Nanny
Request your baby or child's meal at the time of booking or 24 hours before departure. Preferred meals will not be available onboard unless you have pre-ordered.

Request special meals ►
On board children's meal

Travel policies for young guests

Passport's Visa pagePlease ensure your child has all the valid travel documents including passport, visa, health certificate and other necessary documents required by applicable laws for all countries on the entire journey.

Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax for guests 12-15 travelling from the UK

The UK government has abolished the Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax for young guests aged 12 to 15 travelling from the UK in Economy Class. 

If you made a booking on under this category and you were charged the APD tax, we will refund you the APD tax you have paid as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.


  1. Booking is purchased through
  2. Guest is between 12-15 years old at the time of travel
  3. Flight is departing from a UK airport
  4. Guest is travelling in Economy Class


Send an email to and include the following details:

  • Booking reference or ticket number
  • Clear passport copy

Important notes

  • We will refund the APD to your original form of payment.
  • For tickets purchased through travel agents and third party websites, please contact them directly for refunds.

Children travelling from/to South Africa

South African Department of Home Affairs requires additional documents for guests below 18 years old, when travelling to and from South Africa. The required documents must be presented upon check-in for each flight.

For further information:

Car-type seats for children

Safety first

All children (above two years) require their own seat and must be secured whenever the seatbelt signs are on. Infants (below two years) may be carried on the lap of an adult and will be provided with special seatbelts.

Infants (over six months and up to 36 months) may use certain approved car-seats in conjunction with an aircraft seat, provided that the appropriate child fare has been purchased.

Car-type seats for children

Your infant must be secured in the seat and accompanied by a responsible adult in an adjacent seat for take-off and landing.

The seat must meet the following standards:

  • Forward facing or rear facing type with the proper harness that can be strapped to a seat by the use of a lap belt only.
  • Rearward facing seats are restricted to infants from 0 to six months weighing less than 10kg and are only allowed in First or Business Class. They are not in allowed in Economy Class due to space limitations (hampering the seat recline of seat in front).
  • Must be in good condition and show no signs of damage.
  • The car-seat harness must have a single release button and must secure the infant's lap, torso and crotch.

Car-seats and child restraint devices acceptable onboard

 (as per the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority):

  1. Australian Car-Seat regulations
  2. USA Standards FMVSS213
  3. Canadian Standard CMVSS 213
  4. European Standards ECE-44
  5. German Standards (TÜV Doc.TÜV/958-01/2001)

Supporting Devices for children with special needs acceptable on board

  1. CARES Harness for children over one year and 20kg in weight (only allowed in Economy Class)
  2. SPECIAL CARES Harness for adult guests with special needs and children more than 20kg in weight
  3. CRELLING Harness Model 27. Type 27I (two-five years) and Type 27A (five-eight years) are only allowed in Economy Class, and Type 27B (nine years - adult) are allowed in all classes. 
  4. CRELLING Shoulder Strap HSB1. Type HSB1 (two years - adult) are only allowed in Economy Class).  

You shall be responsible for completing the appropriate installation as per the manufacturer’s instructions and restrictions (occupant weight, height, age, seat direction, etc) displayed on the label attached to the device.

Hints & tips

Family at the airport

When travelling with children, it’s important to plan ahead. Think about everything you might need and pack your hand baggage accordingly.

However, don’t overload and pack everything in one bag, otherwise items might be hard to find.

What to pack before flying

  • A few games, books or a small gift like a new toy to keep your child occupied
  • One extra feed/meal for your baby to cover unexpected delays
  • Wet wipes for cleaning sticky hands and faces
  • Sweets to suck or chew when the air pressure changes
  • Your child’s favourite cuddly toy or blanket
  • Your own baby milk/formula and preferred baby food
  • A change of clothes or bring layers as the temperature onboard may vary