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Checking into your flight

Family at the airport

Upon arrival at the airport
Visit the check-in desk for your cabin of travel. During the check-in process, we will place luggage tags on any push chairs or strollers. You will still be able to use these within the airport. They will be placed in the aircraft hold at the departure gate shortly before boarding.

On arrival at your destination

You can collect your pushchair or stroller at the luggage carousel. Please ask the check-in or arrival staff for information about your flight.

To make life a little easier, Guests arriving at our home base, Abu Dhabi, are welcome to use one of our complimentary strollers, which are available in the terminal, close to the gate. They’re bright orange in colour, so you can’t miss them!

After checking in

Family at the airport

After checking in, all Guests (children and adults) must pass through the same security procedures. You’ll need to remove everything from a push chair or stroller (including children) before it goes through the scanner.

Children will need to walk through the scanner on their own. Please ensure all metal items are removed from them to make the process as quick as possible.

Infants that are not yet walking can be carried by an adult. There are tight restrictions for carrying liquids or gels in hand baggage but regulations allow baby food or milk to be carried onboard. Airport security staff are required to check contents and you may be asked to taste the items for verification. This may lead to a short wait at the screening area.

Mother and child in the boarding area

Once it is time to board your flight, families with young children will be called first for pre-boarding, giving you some extra time to get settled onboard.

It is at this stage that strollers and push chairs will be collected from you to be placed into the aircraft’s hold. On long-haul flights you might be greeted at the gate by our Flying Nanny, who will be able to provide additional assistance if required.

Our dedicated lounges in most major airports offer Family Rooms equipped with fun entertainment for our Premium Class Guests.

Qualified nannies can watch over your little ones, allowing you time to relax and enjoy the lounge facilities.

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Hints & tips


For a stress-free airport experience

Come early
Give yourself plenty of time at the airport. Check-in and security can take a little longer when you’re travelling with children.

Calm your child
Reassure your child that they will get their precious items back once they’ve gone through security scanner.

Board on time
Get to the gate early so you can board first, calmly ahead of the rush to give you time to settle onboard.

Make it an adventure
At each stage of the journey explain what is happening, especially if they are flying for the first time.

Share the responsibility
If you are travelling with another adult, take turns in looking after the children and rest in between.