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Please complete the form below in English to help us care for your child.

If your child is booked on a return trip and will be travelling unaccompanied for the whole journey, you will need to complete two separate forms – one for the outbound flight and one for the return flight.

This service is only available on Etihad-operated flights.

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Children must be between 5-17 years old at the date of travel
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Declaration of Parent/Guardian

I am the parent/guardian of the minor identified above and I certify that the information I have provided Etihad Airways is true and correct.

  1. I hereby request Unaccompanied Minor Services for the Child and give permission for the child to travel unaccompanied. I confirm I have full authority to give such permission according to the applicable law and I am not prevented or restricted from giving such permission due to any order or direction from a court of law or authority.
  2. I confirm that the Child is in possession of valid travel documentation including passport, visas and health certificates etc. required by applicable laws for the entire journey.
  3. I confirm that I have arranged for the Child to be accompanied to the airport on departure and met on arrival by the guardian/custodian above named. These persons will remain at the airport until the flight has departed and be available at the arrival airport by the scheduled arrival time of the flight and shall produce appropriate ID to Etihad Airways to confirm their identity.
  4. Should the Child not be met at the destination as stated I authorize Etihad Airways to take whatever action they consider appropriate to ensure the Child’s safe custody and that such action might include returning the Child to the airport of departure and I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Etihad Airways from and against all claims resulting from taking such action and to reimburse Etihad Airways for all costs and expenses incurred by them in taking such action.
  5. I acknowledge that Etihad Airways flights provide inflight entertainment to which the Child would have access and that Etihad Airways accepts no responsibility for the content viewed by the Child.
  6. I acknowledge that this special request may require Etihad Airways to process sensitive information about the child, such as health or special instructions. (more information on how we protect and manage personal data is available in our privacy policy).
  7. I have instructed the child to comply with all instructions given by a crew member and confirm that the child has understood this. I have read and understood all of the above numbered points.
Print a copy, add your signature and ensure you take it with you to the airport on your day of departure. A copy will be sent to the email you provided. Print