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Mercedes-Benz Chauffeur service

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Audio description

A Mercedes-Benze van parks in front of a house entrance, where there are bags waiting to be loaded into a car. An Emirati family comes out of the house entrance with their child, who is in a wheelchair. The wheelchair gets loaded into the trunk of the van along with the families luggage. The family gets into the van and are driven to Abu Dhabi Airport.

In other footage a businessman is coming down the stairs of a landed plane, with a Mercedes chauffeur car awaiting him. The Etihad ground service agent is holding the door open for him. The business man gets into the car and is  driven to the terminal while he checks his phone.

In further footage there is a car pulling into the terminal parking area and a family is seen leaving in the van behind and being escorted into the airport. Simultaneously a car at the front door of the airport is being opened to greet the arriving business man. The business man gets into the car and the chauffeur switches on the air conditioning and then businessman gets driven away. The video ends with Etihad Airways logo and tagline

Ways to book

Chauffeur greeting guest Reach your next destination in comfort and style with Etihad Airways and Mercedes Benz. Our Chauffeur service can be requested online up to 12 hours prior to your flight. Alternatively, you may also book this service through our Global Contact Centres and local offices or through your local travel agent. For changes to or cancellation of your booking, please contact us.

Important note
No transfers between respective airport terminals.

Terms and conditions

First and Business class tickets booked on or after 3 July 2017

Terms and conditions

  1. Etihad Chauffeur service must be booked at least 12 hours prior to departure of the flight.
  2. Etihad Chauffeur service is available for guests holding confirmed tickets only in First, Business Classic and Business Flex fare choices only in the UAE. Business saver tickets are not eligible for this service. From 1 April 2018, First and Business Class Guest redemption tickets will also no longer be eligible for this service.
  3. Chauffeur service is available only on Etihad Airways operated flights. This service is not available for flights operated by other airlines where Etihad Airways is a marketing carrier. This applies to flights operated by Etihad Airways Partners – Alitalia, Jet Airways, Air Serbia, Air Seychelles and NIKI.
  4. Etihad chauffeur service is not available for instant airport upgrades, for guests in transit, on reward tickets.
  5. This service is not eligible for Unaccompanied Minors (UM) or for children between 2 and 12 years of age.
  6. Etihad chauffeur service is available at stopover in UAE when the paid ticket fare includes applicable taxes that allows a stopover.
  7. Details such as contact numbers (valid customer mobile number with international accessibility), full address, pickup time on departure/arrival and city code are mandatory requirements for service to be provided.
  8. Pick-up times specified in the booking are only guidelines. Actual pick-up times shall be confirmed directly by supplier to guests 12-hours prior to departure. Guests shall be contacted by telephone or short messaging service (SMS) to their mobile numbers provided in the booking.
  9. Chauffeur service pick-up times are not negotiable. Cars shall be reassigned to other jobs after a maximum wait of 25 minutes.
  10. Etihad standard product offering is a station wagon for every premium traveler eligible to be booked for this service. Additional cars cannot be provided for the conveyance of extra baggage.
  11. If a guest fails to cancel a booked chauffeur service resulting in a cancellation, the chauffeur service cannot be re-booked in conjunction with the same ticket.
  12. Etihad Chauffeur services are provided by contracted third party suppliers. Etihad Airways shall not be responsible for the acts or omissions of such suppliers, nor for any deficiency in the facilities and services offered. In particular, Etihad has no liability for loss, personal injury, or death incurred during the use of such facilities and services unless such loss, personal injury or death is / are caused solely by Etihad Airways’ negligence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the changes to the Etihad Chauffeur service policy?
If you’re booked to travel with a First, Business Classic or Business Flex ticket (excluding redemption tickets), you can continue to enjoy the Etihad Chauffeur service across the UAE when Abu Dhabi is the origin, stopover or final destination.

While this free Service will be discontinued in all other destinations, if you are travelling in The Residence, you can still enjoy it across New York, London, Abu Dhabi, Paris and Sydney.

2. How do the chauffeur service changes impact me if I have a flight booking with one of Etihad’s partner airlines?
The same change in chauffeur policy terms and conditions will be applied to guests of partner airlines. 

3. If I bid for an upgrade from Business to First Class after 3 July 2017, will I still be eligible for the chauffeur service?
In this instance, we would need to consider the date of ticket re-issuance. So if your ticket is re-issued on or after 3 July, you will no longer receive the  service.

4. I still need a way to travel to and from the airport. Can I book and pay for an airport transfer?
Yes.  Our Airport Transfer service is available to all guests irrespective of booking class across our global network (except for the UAE), through our partner Conxxe- who are a worldwide transport service provider. Book your Airport Transfer today.

5. Why is Etihad making changes to its Chauffeur service?
The airline industry as a whole is looking to unbundle features from the core seat fare. It will  contribute to lower airline fares, and still provides customers with the option of adding the items they want at an additional fee. We believe that offering customers this choice is fairer and more in line with modern consumer expectations.