Terms and Conditions

Etihad Airways PJSC, P.O. Box 35566, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (“we”, “us” or “our”) provides the Etihad Meet & Greet to Customers (“you” or “your”) either by itself or through its suppliers.

1.  Definitions
In these Conditions of Contract:

(a)  Booking Form: means the online Etihad Meet & Greet Booking Form which is available on the Website to be used by the Customers.

(b)  Customer(s): means Etihad Airways passenger(s) booking Etihad Meet & Greet and /or covered by that booking.

(c)  Etihad Meet & Greet: means all or any of the meet and greet services provided by us at Abu Dhabi International Airport on the Website from time to time.

(d)  No Show: means the failure by any Customer for whom Etihad Meet & Greet have been booked to utilize those Etihad Meet & Greet.

(e)  Terms and Conditions: means these terms and conditions as amended by us from time to time.

(f)  Website: means the Etihad Meet & Greet website at www.etihad.com/meetandgreet.

2.  Booking Etihad Meet & Greet
2.1          We will provide Etihad Meet & Greet to you and any other person covered by your booking who on arrival at, Abu Dhabi International Airport irrespective of class of travel.

2.2          Bookings must be made by using online Booking Form on the Website. Bookings containing incorrect Customer details, flight details and guest name may be considered void by us.

2.3          Bookings must be received by us not less than 48 hours prior to your scheduled arrival. Online bookings made less than 48 hours prior to your scheduled arrival time will not be accepted.

2.4          You must notify us by email meetme@etihad.ae of any amendment to or cancellation of your flight itinerary, at least 8 hours prior to your originally scheduled flight arrival time otherwise the charges for your Etihad Meet & Greet shall be payable in full.

2.5          Charges for Etihad Meet & Greet shall be payable in full when a booking is made. Cancellations and amendments are subject to clause 2.4 above. No refund will be made in respect of No Shows.

2.6          We shall be entitled to cancel, alter or omit any part of the Etihad Meet & Greet for which you have made a booking with or without notice to you and at our sole discretion. In particular, delays and cancellations may result from factors beyond our control such as the weather, accidents, governmental restrictions and other events of force majeure. In such cases, our liability is limited to re-performance of the cancelled Etihad Meet & Greet. In exceptional circumstances, a refund or partial refund may be given in our discretion, but is not guaranteed.

3.  Products and services provided by third parties 
3.1          Where we offer any products or services provided by third parties and issue you with a voucher relating to any such products and services, we are acting only as agent for the third party concerned. The terms and conditions of the third party will apply.

3.2          We will have no liability to you regarding any products and services provided by a third party unless caused solely by our gross negligence or wilful misconduct.

4.  Liability
4.1          To the maximum extent permitted by law, we accept no responsibility for any damage, loss, accident, sickness, injury or death that you or anyone else may suffer or incur arising out of the Etihad Meet & Greet. All personal effects are at your sole risk at all times. We shall not be liable and you shall waive all rights of claim you might have against us for any inconvenience, loss, damage or otherwise caused in the event that we are unable to provide you with any or all of the Etihad Meet & Greet service if we directed to deny the provision of the Etihad Meet & Greet service to you by the airport authority or government department or representatives.

4.2          We accept no liability for the consequences of any delay or for any loss, cost or expense incurred by you as a result of the actions of any third party including without limitation the Customs or Immigration Authorities at Abu Dhabi International Airport. You accept that you are responsible for compliance with all governmental regulations upon entry into Abu Dhabi International Airport and for ensuring that all required documents are in order and that any conditions to which such documents are subject are complied with.

4.3          You agree to indemnify us in respect of all claims, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including legal expenses) which are awarded against or incurred by us as a direct result of your acts or omissions or the acts or omissions of any person covered by your booking in the course of booking and /or using the Etihad Meet & Greet.

4.4          Under no circumstances shall we be liable to you in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any consequential, exemplary, special, indirect, incidental or punitive damages.

5.  Governing law and jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions and provision of Etihad Meet & Greet shall be governed by the laws of Abu Dhabi and laws of the UAE as applicable in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and any proceeding with respect to or in connection with the Etihad Meet & Greet shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Abu Dhabi.