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Corporate responsibility is managed under the ‘Together’ strategy

Etihad Together

Growing together
Reflects our economic contribution and support for the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision.

Working together
Reflects the development and well-being of our employees from over 140 countries.

Giving together
Our commitment and support to humanitarian aid and charities across our network.

Greener together
Our commitment to minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

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Etihad Togther

Our corporate responsibility initiatives are aligned with the airline's four-part communication and reporting framework, known as ‘TOGETHER’.

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How can we support you

We recognise that support for charities and community involvement should be managed ethically and transparently to meet corporate governance requirements and be in line with the shareholder mandate.

Etihad sustainability

Any involvement in initiatives and activities will be reviewed to ensure consistency, transparency, and above all, that the advantages to the communities it is intended to benefit are maximised.

All requests must come from a registered charity, or in conjunction with a registered charity or a registered not for profit organisation. Requests must be submitted at least 3 months prior to support being required.

Request for support
If you wish to be considered for Etihad Airways support, please apply by email. All requests will be acknowledged by email and successful applications will be informed within 6 weeks.

Request for Baggage Waiver
All excess baggage requests must be submitted through email and accompanied by a letter from a registered charity to support this request, specifying the support items that they will be expecting.

Submissions must be received at least 3 weeks prior to departure. Requests submitted later than this will automatically be declined.

Email all your requests to:

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To be eligible for contributions from Etihad Airways, organisations should:

  • Demonstrate a clear strategy and objectives with tools in place to ensure effective execution in addition to measuring and reporting on the impact of a contribution.
  • Limit program administrative expense to below 20 per cent of total revenue.
  • Operate within those communities where Etihad Airways maintains a significant business presence.
The following exclusions apply:
  • Individuals or organisations that are not working in collaboration with a registered charity or not-for profit organization.
  • Organisations that raise funds for redistribution to individuals or organisations.
  • Political organisations.
  • Organisations that discriminate against race, gender, religion or lifestyle.