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Sustainable Flights

Our Eco Flights, Sustainable Flights and NetZero flights enable us to test and develop advanced sustainability solutions in real-life situations. 

Eco Flights and our Sustainable Flight

As part of the Etihad Greenliner Programme, we launched our first Eco Flight back in 2019, and later our Sustainable Flight in October 2021 – the most environmentally-friendly flight in our history.

From optimised flight routes and flight efficiencies, to using sustainable fuels and managing secondary flight emissions; our Sustainable Flights have a significantly lower impact on the planet.


powered by sustainable fuels


in primary carbon emissions


fewer single-use plastics


carbon offset

Our first NetZero flight

After the success of our Sustainable Flight in 2021, we’re going on step further.

On 13 November, we flew our first net zero carbon flight from Washington to Abu Dhabi during COP27.

That’s 10,000km emission-free.

Together with World Energy, we’ll book and claim Sustainable Aviation Fuel partnered by DVW.

How does it work?

The NetZero flight will use conventional Jet-A1 fuel, and the SAF we purchase will be used on flights by other airlines out of LAX. That’s because LAX has the infrastructure to take delivery of and distribute World Energy’s SAF.

This is known as the book and claim system.

Why use book and claim?

Book and claim is the preferred model for SAF use and distribution, advocated for by the aviation and energy industries.

It’s a solution that makes SAF available for global aviation until infrastructure requirements can catch up and is scrupulously verified through the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials.

Ready to fly greener with us?

The Etihad Greenliner Programme is our commitment to sustainability – with an entire fleet of innovative Boeing 787 Greenliners dedicated to trialling and testing sustainable initiatives in aviation.

Working with our partners, the programme has enabled us to introduce pioneering products and procedures across our operations.

More efficient engines

Our eco-friendly Sustainable Flight uses GE’s 360 Foam Wash to optimise performance of the engine and reduce CO2 emissions.

Sustainable fuels

By using a blend of up to 40% sustainable fuels, we reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible.

Operational efficiencies

As part of our operational efficiencies, we alter our approach the airport before landing to reduce noise and CO2 emissions.

Contrail control

Contrails significantly contribute to global warming. So, our Sustainable Flight will trial cutting-edge software from our partner Satavia to reduce them.

jubail park abu dhabi jubail park abu dhabi

One mangrove for each guest on our Sustainable Flight

For every seat sold on our eco-friendly Sustainable Flight, we have chosen to adopt a mangrove for three years in Abu Dhabi’s lush Jubail Mangrove Park - the first self-contained educational, nature and leisure destination of its kind in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The future of sustainability

By choosing to fly with us, you’ve chosen an airline that has made sustainability a pillar of our future growth and expansion.

We’ve invested in modern and fuel-efficient aircraft, retiring our less-efficient planes. 37% of our flights are already serviced by electric tractors, and by November 2021, our entire fleet will be on E-Tech Log. That means we’ll use less paper as part of our operations.

We continue to review our flight routes to reduce emissions, and we’re planning to keep increasing our use of sustainable fuels in the future.

family attractions abu dhabi family attractions abu dhabi

How can you get involved?

We’re committed to doing everything we can take to protect our planet for future generations, and we’d love you to join us.

There are plenty of ways for you to get involved and help make flying more sustainable. 

wildlife carbonclick carbon offset

Ready, (off)set, go

Through our partnership with CarbonClick, you can offset your carbon emissions when you fly and help us support projects that fight climate change. You can even donate your Etihad Guest Miles.

less carbon

5kg less baggage

5% less carbon

By carrying just 5kg less baggage, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint by 5%.

paperless boarding pass

Download it,
don’t waste it

With our handy app, you’ll never need to print your boarding pass again. Instead, download it straight to your phone.

become a sustainable traveller

Become a sustainable traveller

Sign up for tips and advice about flying greener and be the first to hear about our schedule of Sustainable Flights coming soon.

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