Medical assistance

for your trip

Flying with a medical condition, have a disability or just require a little bit of extra assistance? Whatever support you need, we’re here to help. Our priority is that you fly comfortably and safely.

Apply for medical clearance

Read our guidelines to understand how we determine if you’re medically fit to fly. If you need to apply for medical clearance, please complete a MEDIF form

Medical certificates and MEDIF Form

If you need medical clearance to fly, make sure to submit your MEDIF form (Medical Information for Fitness to Travel) and most recent medical report at least 72 hours before your flight. If approved, you’ll be issued with a certificate from the Etihad Airways Medical Centre (EAMC) which states that you are fit to fly. Keep this with you at all during your flight. 


  • All forms must be submitted in English and issued from your treating physician within 14 days of your flight
  • Your MEDIF must be completed, signed and dated - incomplete forms will not be accepted
  • You’ll be advised if you need a separate MEDIF form for your return journey
  • Notify us immediately of any change in your condition before your flight
  • If your condition changes significantly, you may be asked to obtain another MEDIF form to confirm that you are fit to fly

Who needs medical clearance to fly?

You’ll need medical clearance to fly if you:

  • Suffer from an actively contagious condition
  • Have recently had a major medical incident
  • Suffer from unstable physical or psychological condition
  • Need a stretcher
  • Have a medical condition which may be adversely affected by flying
  • Have a condition that is a potential hazard to the safety of other guests or punctuality of the flight
  • Need special assistance or are unable to care for yourself
  • Need in-flight oxygen, a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) or ventilator
  • Need battery-powered* medical equipment (except for CPAP) or a medical procedure during the flight


*Only dry cell operated devices are accepted onboard

If you have any doubt, always consult your doctor before flying.


Book our fast-track, pre-flight assessment for clearance to fly within one working day.

Our doctor will complete all medical forms and assessments on site to determine whether you’re fit to fly on the same day.

It cost AED1500 per visit in Abu Dhabi or AED2000 per visit in Al Ain, Dubai and locations outside of Abu Dhabi.

Call +971 2 599 0000 to book or email a MEDA Pre-flight Assessment Form.

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Needs assistance

Please let us know up to 72 hours before your flight to make sure we have everything in place to make your flight as comfortable as possible, whether you need to request a special meal, arrange a wheelchair or book our onboard nurse service

Get in touch to let us know what you need or request assistance when you book your flight.

Flying with a partner airline? Services differ from one airline to another. Please contact the operating airline for all assistance enquiries


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