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Bedtime drink service

Staying hydrated on board is an important way of reducing jet lag and feeling comfortable – especially before sleep. 

In Economy Class we offer hot chocolate and a range of teas and coffees, including cappucino.

In Business and First Class our guests can choose from a range of hot chocolate, malt drinks, coffees and teas, including chamomile - and they can request a bedtime drink or a wake up option.

Dine Anytime menus

When you fly, it is not only your sleep cycle adjusting but also your digestive routine.

We ensure that you have the flexibility to order when you want, and eat options you prefer so you can adjust as easily as possible. In First Class, an inflight Chef will prepare a personalised meal from a wide menu.

You can order food anytime from either an à la carte or Kitchen Anytime menu and we will be happy to cook your eggs and steak to your personal taste. In Business Class, order food at the times that suit you with our dine-on-demand menu. A wide selection of starters, main courses and lighter meals are offered – when you want them.

In Economy Class, you can choose from three main dishes with vegetarian meals offered as standard. On our overnight flights, enjoy our ‘Goodnight Service’ where a quick, light snack is offered before you settle down for the night.

Pick a sense:

Touch Nothing impacts your comfort more than your sense of touch. And when it comes to sleep, everything from the softness of the mattress to the texture of the sheets will determine how fast you arrive at your ‘dream’ destination.

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Sight Light is one of the many ways your body knows when to sleep or wake up. Being able to control the lighting during a flight allows you to maximise your relaxation and avoid jet lag by keeping your internal body clock synced.

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Sounds and noises are often the reason you wake up from a peaceful slumber. Falling and staying asleep is easier when you can keep ambient noises under control and sound levels minimised.

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Scents inspire feelings of relaxation and have the power to take us to places beyond our imagination. With the right aromas infused in the air, sleep is elevated to blissful new heights.

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