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How to add extra legroom to an existing booking

  • Step 1, enter your details to retrieve your booking. Click on "buy baggage & select seats".

  • Step 2, go through the extra baggage page and click "continue" to proceed to the seat map.

  • Step 3, choose your preferred extra legroom seat and complete the payment process.

Terms and conditions

Economy Space

Economy Space is subject to availability, terms & conditions. If you wish to purchase a seat located next to an emergency exit in Economy Space, you must meet a minimum set of safety requirements. Please make sure that you meet all of these requirements before buying your seat.

If you meet all of the safety conditions, we strongly recommend that you book early as seats are available on a first-come, first served basis.

The price of the seat is per person, per flight sector. In the event of an aircraft type change, Etihad will exert its reasonable efforts to re-accommodate guests in similar seats. In the case where seats in Economy Space are not available, Etihad will refund the amount paid per person, per sector which cannot be accommodated.

Seats in Economy Space are assigned only upon full payment of the associated seat fees and ticket fare. Payment for the Economy Space seats will not earn any additional Etihad Guest Miles points.

Flying with partner airlines

Economy Space is only available on Etihad-operated flights and not on flights operated by our partner airlines.

Refunds and transfers

If you paid for the following seats but you weren’t given them on board, you are entitled to a full refund:

  • Economy Space
  • Economy Standard
  • If you booked one position of seat (for example, window, middle or aisle) and you were given a different position of seat

You are not entitled to a refund in the following cases:

  • If you are allocated the same type of seat, but on a different row (for example, if you booked a seat in Economy Space by the window on one row e.g. 12A, and you are allocated a seat in Economy Space by the window on another row e.g. 14A)
  • If you upgraded to a higher cabin (for example, if you previously paid for your choice of seat then you either chose to upgrade yourself or accepted an upgrade)
  • If you chose one type of seat and you then upgrade to an Economy Neighbour-Free seat, your original fee will not be refunded
  • If you made changes to your flight itinerary, following the purchase of your seat or if your itinerary was changed by another airline


  • A boarding pass for Economy Space will only be issued once we confirm that all safety criteria has been met, as outlined in our terms and conditions.
  • If Etihad Guest Service staff confirm that the guest does not meet any of the required safety criteria, we may re-assign you to an Economy Standard seat before or during the journey without refund of the Economy Space reservation fees.
  • These important safety requirements mean that although you’ll be able to use web and kiosk check-in, you are subject to being moved if you do not meet the exit row seating criteria.

Safety requirements

To be seated in an exit row seat in Economy Space, guests are required to be:

  • Aged 18 years or older
  • Physically able to reach, locate and operate the emergency exit window or door, and to quickly pass through the exit
  • Able to understand and acknowledge instructions given by our cabin crew in English about the tasks expected to be performed in an emergency evacuation and able to read the safety card provided for that purpose
  • Able and willing to assist the crew and other guests in the evacuation of the aircraft
  • Able to check outside conditions and respond to cabin crew requests before opening an exit
  • Not in any stage of pregnancy
  • Free from conditions which may prevent performing the duties listed above, be it a consequence of age, frailty, injury, physical or psychological disability, mobility, vision or hearing impairment, sickness, injury or anything else
  • Not travelling with children or infants
  • Not travelling with a caregiver or a guide dog