Meals on board

Pick from a choice of complimentary dishes on every flight, all created with fresh, seasonal ingredients and inspired by the destinations we fly to. Our food is full of flavour and you can enjoy some of your favourite brands on board.


A meal using salad greens harvested hours before being served to you on a plane isn’t far away. We’re working with both UAE and regional farms nearer to our destinations to create dishes using locally grown produce that taste fresher because they are fresher.

guest enjoying complementary economy meal


Fresh food, good mood. Pick from a choice of complimentary meals or snacks on every flight. On longer flights, this includes a vegetarian option, freshly baked rolls and indulgent desserts – all served on our sustainably-sourced meal tray.

Our complimentary meal service also includes a choice of free beverages on every flight. Pick from a selection of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages or tea and coffee.

Fly in Economy

guest enjoying complementary business meal


How would you like to dine? In Business, we’ll welcome you on board with your choice of drink. Whenever you’re hungry, choose from our extensive a la carte menu featuring flavours inspired by the destinations we fly to – as well as everyday favourites like a steak sandwich or a scoop of ice-cream. Dine when you’re ready and enjoy a glass or two of wine or a cup of herbal tea to help you relax.

Fly in Business

emirati coffe in etihad first cabin


When you fly in First, you’ll enjoy the same quality and service that you’d expect from a world-class restaurant. After your welcome glass of Champagne or fresh juice, a member of our team will guide you through your menu and make personal recommendations to help you pair the perfect beverage with your choice of meal. From a fine-dining, à la carte menu to eggs or steak prepared to perfection, this is a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

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Children’s meals

We’ve created healthy and fun children’s meals to keep little tummies happy on board. Packed with nutritious favourites and a sweet treat or two, your little ones won’t go hungry. Please remember to order your children’s meals at least 24 hours before your flight, otherwise we may not have it on board. We also have a small amount of baby food on board, available upon request from your Cabin Crew. We can also warm milk or food for your baby on board.

Request a children's meal

Flying with a dietary requirement

If you would like to request a special meal, you must order it at least 24 hours in advance. All of our meals onboard are Halal, and a vegetarian option will be available on flights over three hours, so there’s no need to request this.

You can request a special meal when you make your booking online, through Manage your booking, or with your local travel agent. If you're flying with a partner airline, you'll need to speak to them about your specific dietary requirements.

Peanut allergies

We don’t guarantee a peanut-free environment on board. Nuts may be served in the cabin, used as an ingredient or carried by other guests.

It's also possible that traces of peanuts or their derivatives could be in the cabin environment or the aircraft air conditioning.

An allergic reaction to peanuts or any derivative can be serious. We don’t accept responsibility for any allergic reaction on board our flights.

If you have any sort of allergy, always speak to your doctor before you travel.

Short-haul flights

On flights less than 2 hours and 50 minutes, you can request a diabetic, gluten intolerant, or low-lactose meal only.

Children’s meals will not be available, and vegetarian options may be limited, so you may wish to bring your own food or snacks on board with you.

Longer flights

On longer flights, if you have any dietary requirements, you can request a special meal, as well as meals for children and babies.

etihad's commitment to sustainability

Committed to sustainability

We’ve removed 27 million plastic lids and use recycled materials wherever possible. In Economy, our new cutlery is 85 per cent lighter, reducing fuel burn and CO 2 emissions by 1,200 tonnes.

Closed-loop recycling

We’re working to reduce waste with our partners by recycling post-use products into new equipment and products, such as our blankets in Economy.

Al Ain Water

We with Al Ain Water to trial plant-based water bottles during flights, which are biodegradable, compostable and contain no petroleum. With less weight as a key driver in reducing carbon emissions and improving carbon intensity, many items have few alternatives to their single use plastic counterparts, such as water bottles. 

Sola Cutlery

We worked with Sola Cutlery to trial lightweight stainless-steel cutlery to reduce more than 900 single use plastic items per flight. In circumstances in which a bamboo, paper or lightweight metal alternative is available, these may not support the intended experience resulting in a poor guest experience like eating from a flimsy bamboo cutlery with a wooden aftertaste. 

EcoWare pots

We trialed EcoWare products to explore using biodegradable and compostable 100% recycled sugarcane products on board. As an international carrier, many countries have strict regulations on how international waste is handled. In most cases, waste (anything that isn't reusable) must be incinerated. Whether in landfill or incineration, we wanted to test products that would leave minimal trace. 

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The majority of our carbon footprint comes from Scope 1 - fuel burn from our aircraft. This accounts for an average of 96-97% of our overall emissions. Waste, water and ground energy (such as facility use) account for an average 1% and 2.5% of our Scope 2 and 3 emissions respectively. To learn more about aviation's impact on the environment, how performance is measured and more of Etihad's strategy for Sustainability, click here.

Disclaimer: Purchasing or engaging with Etihad's products will not make Etihad's operations more sustainable nor reduce the direct environmental impact of your flight. Etihad provides this information to travellers who wish to be informed of the various actions Etihad has taken in product and service development, but customers should be aware that this does not make traveling on Etihad Airways a more sustainable option over our competitors. The initiatives we undertake as an airline in our Sustainability strategy are shared mitigation options available to all airlines, and where Etihad is supporting the development of specific solutions, we are commited to making our research and findings available for the entire industry.