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Baggage rules and restrictions

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Baggage trolley at the airport

Carry-on items 

In addition to your hand baggage allowance, the following are carry-on items and can be taken on the flight for free:

  • Handbag, pocket book or purse
  • Overcoat, wrap or blanket
  • Umbrella or walking stick
  • Small camera and / or binoculars
  • A reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight
  • Infant food for the journey
  • Infant carry basket / carry cot
  • Braces or prosthetic devices (provided the guest is dependent on them)
  • Briefcase or portable PC which is not being used as a container for transportation of articles, regarded as baggage (laptops should not be activated without flight crew knowledge)
  • Mobile phone


All about your carry-on, cabin, checked and cargo baggage

Information on this page:
Carry-on items
LAGs and restrictions
Pets and animals
Sports equipment
Musical instrument
Bulky equipments
Travel tips

LAGS (Liquid, Aerosols and Gels)

These items are classified as LAGS:

  • Water, drinks, soups, syrups, jams, stews, sauces and pastes
  • Foods in sauces or containing a high liquid content
  • Creams, lotions, cosmetics and oils, perfumes, sprays, gels, including hair and shower gel
  • Contents of pressurized containers, including shaving foam and deodorants
  • Pastes including toothpaste, liquid-solid mixtures, mascara, lip gloss or lip balm and any item of similar consistency at room temperature

Zamzam water
You can carry up to 5 litres of suitably packed Zamzam water as checked baggage in addition to your applicable baggage (piece or weight) allowance. It must be safely packed and labelled in a sealed plastic container, covered by a protective cardboard box, widely available at pilgrimage sites.

If you wish to carry Zamzam water as hand baggage, a maximum of 100ml is allowed in a transparent, re-sealable plastic container or bag.

LAGS (Liquid, Aerosols and Gels)

Airports have different security restrictions which limit the quantity of LAGs you can carry. Please be familiar with the regulations of the airports in your itinerary. 

Restrictions only apply to cabin baggage. You can still pack your liquids, aerosols and gels in your checked baggage if you wish to.

Duty Free Purchases

  • Carry LAG items purchased at airport retail outlets or on board the aircraft in a Security Tamper-Evident Bag (STEB). Generally, these bags are provided by the retail outlet where the LAG is purchased.
  • To avoid confiscation, the security tamper-evident bag should not be opened before going through security checkpoints.
  • If transiting between airports, do not open the bag until you pass through the final security checkpoint at your last airport of transit.

Airport Regulations:


Guests travelling or transiting through UAE airports will have to follow the following regulations:
  • Carry all LAGs in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre.
  • The contents of each container must not exceed 100ml.
  • Each Guest may carry only one such bag, which must be presented separately from other cabin baggage at security screening checkpoints.
  • Exceptions may be made for medications, baby milk/foods and special dietary or other medical requirements.
  • Most Duty Free shops at major international airports now comply with new regulations. However, if items purchased at other airports do not fulfill the new requirements, your purchase may be confiscated at Abu Dhabi International Airport before departure.
  • At the Airport, take off your jackets and/or coats and present these for screening.
  • Present laptops and other large electronic equipment for screening separately.


Guests travelling from or transiting through European airports are requested to follow the new EU cabin baggage norms that came into effect on November 6, 2006.

These norms are applicable to cabin baggage carried by:

  • Guests transiting through an EU airport
  • Guests departing from an EU airport
  • Guests travelling to/from Toronto/Brussels

As per the new norms:

  • All liquids, gels, pastes, pressurised containers must be carried in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre.
  • The contents of no container must exceed 100ml.
  • These items must be presented separately from other cabin baggage at security screening check points.
  • Duty free products bought from non-EU duty-free shops or onboard sales will not be accepted as carry-on baggage.


The Australian Government has implemented security restrictions which limit the quantity of LAGs that passengers may take on-board the aircraft for flights to Australia. These restrictions do not apply to checked-in baggage.

In general, the only LAGs that are allowed in a passenger's carry-on baggage are:

  • LAGs in containers of 100 milliliters or less, in one transparent re-sealable bag. The four sides of the re-sealable area should not add up to more than 80cm (e.g. 20x20cm or 15x25cm).
  • Passengers are not permitted to have LAGs in their carry-on baggage in excess of these restrictions.

If you are on a connecting flight to Australia via Abu Dhabi, and have LAGs as carry-on baggage in excess of the permitted quantities, they may be confiscated by the Abu Dhabi Airport Authorities during security checks at the transfer point or boarding gate.

To avoid disappointment, it is recommended that Duty Free LAGs in excess of the approved quantities are purchased on board the aircraft during your flight from Abu Dhabi to Australia.

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Guests travelling to New York are requested to follow the new cabin baggage norms for US-bound flights:

  • All liquids, gels, pastes, pressurised containers must be carried in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre.
  • The contents of no container must exceed 100 millilitres.
  • These items should be presented separately from other cabin baggage at security screening check points.

Electronic devices to US, UK and Canada

Electronic devices to US, UK and Canada

Following a directive from US authorities, we have been advised that guests travelling to the United States from Abu Dhabi International Airport are not permitted to carry electronic devices larger than a cell phone or smart phone in the cabin. 

The maximum permitted dimensions for a cell phone allowed in the cabin of an aircraft are 16cmx9.3cmx1.5cm. Please ensure that if you are carrying a mobile phone, it is charged and can be switched on for security inspection.

Medical devices are also permitted; however larger items such as laptops, tablets, cameras and e-readers must be placed into checked-in baggage at the point of origin, which may not necessarily be at Abu Dhabi International Airport.  The new rules come into effect for US-bound flights departing Abu Dhabi as of 25th March, 2017.

If you are travelling to the UK or Canada, please fully charge all your electronic devices prior to checking-in for your flight. You may be asked to switch them on for security inspection. In case your laptop, tablet, e-reader, camera or other device cannot be switched on, you will be asked to dispose off the item or you may be denied access to your flight.  

Abu Dhabi Airport does not have a facility to store devices, which cannot be powered up and Etihad Airways cannot take responsibility for devices, which are left behind.

This requirement is part of enhanced security measures by the authorities of these countries. Safety and security remain the highest priority for us and we will continue to assist guests in complying with these directives. 

Animals and pets

There are different rules and regulations for travelling by air with animals, depending on your destination.

You are responsible for providing all the necessary health documents, licenses, declarations and permits as required by governmental regulations of the country to which the animal is to be carried.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs
Guide dogs to lead the blind are permitted in the aircraft cabin (for flights from Abu Dhabi to USA and vice versa only). All necessary documents must be provided. We also accept guide dogs as checked baggage in the cargo hold without charge.

We accept the carriage of falcons in the main aircraft cabin provided that all the necessary documents have been obtained. We also accept falcons as checked baggage. 

Pet passport

All other pets are accepted only as manifested cargo and are not permitted within the aircraft cabin or checked baggage.

Pets are not accepted on transit flights through Abu Dhabi.

For more information, contact us

  • For countries known to prohibit the import/export of animals and birds as checked baggage, please contact the Embassy concerned.
  • All animals and birds should travel as manifested cargo via countries that do not allow the importation of animals as checked baggage.
  • These animals must be cleared at the cargo terminal upon arrival where they will be examined by local veterinarian after producing the relevant import and health certificates.

Instruments and equipments


Musical instruments, which fit into the dimensions permitted as cabin baggage (such as small flutes or violins), can be transported as part of your cabin baggage allowance.

In case the instrument (such as bass or cello) does not fit into the overhead bin or exceeds dimensions or weight of the cabin baggage, you may purchase an additional seat. Please, make prior arrangements with your station of departure. Alternatively, you may check in your musical instruments as part of your checked baggage allowance or purchase an additional excess baggage allowance. Your musical instruments must be safely packed to sustain the travel.

Film equipment

Cameras, film, lighting and sound equipment may be accepted as checked baggage. If in excess of checked baggage allowance, you will be charged the applicable excess baggage rate.

Due to their bulky nature, we advise you to make prior arrangements with the station of departure.

wheelchair passenger at the airport

For the carriage of wheelchair, medical-related equipment, assistive devices and or mobility aids, go to our medical information page.

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Small vehicles powered by lithium batteries

Small vehicles powered by lithium batteries

All vehicles powered by lithium batteries are not accepted for travel by Etihad. These vehicles are commonly referred to as: 

  • Airwheels
  • Solowheels
  • Mini Segways
  • Hoverboards

Sports equipment

You can carry sports equipment with us as part of your free or purchased checked baggage, provided it is packed appropriately (to avoid damage) and meets our size and weight restrictions. Items that exceed the standard dimensions shall be carried as cargo.

Connecting to other airlines / through other airports

Please note we can only give advice for carrying sports equipment and other items on Etihad Airways operated flights and through Abu Dhabi International Airport. Items that have been approved by us may not be classed as acceptable by other airlines or airports. We accept no responsibility if your sports equipment cannot be carried on other airlines or through other airports. 

Here are the special allowances we offer:

Accepted free of charge in addition to checked baggage allowance. 

You can carry one set of golf equipment, weighing a maximum of 15kg, for free as checked baggage.

A set of golf equipment includes one golf bag containing golf clubs and one pair of golf shoes. If you carry a golf umbrella or parasol separately this counts as an additional item of baggage and is therefore subject to applicable excess baggage charges.

Golf ball and club

Accepted free of charge in addition to checked baggage allowance. 

You can carry one set of scuba diving equipment, weighing a maximum of 15kg, for free as checked baggage. 

A set of diving equipment includes:


  • scuba regulator
  • tank harness
  • tank pressure gauge (pressure-sensitive devices may need special packaging; refer to the manufacturer for advice)
  • face mask
  • fins
  • buoyancy control device
  • snorkel
  • weight belt
  • cylinder tank (must be empty and presented at check-in for inspection) – dangerous goods regulation to be checked
  • spear guns and harpoons (must be unloaded with the spear/harpoon packed separately)


Please note: we will only accept diving equipment that has been packed in a recognised kit bag and does not exceed the size and weight restrictions for checked baggage.

Scuba equipment

You can carry ski equipment as part of your normal checked baggage allowance. Bags weighing more than the checked baggage allowance will incur excess baggage charges.

Snow ski equipment includes:

  • one pair of skis, one pair of ski poles and one pair of ski boots, or
  • one snow board and one pair of boots

Water ski equipment includes:

  • one pair of standard water skis, or
  • one slalom water ski
Checked baggage area at the airport

You can carry a surfboard, with a maximum length of 3m as part of your checked baggage allowance.

You must take these precautions when transporting surfboards:

  • Fins should always be removed, or, if they cannot be removed, should be firmly packed with polystyrene foam.
  • Both nose and tail should have bubble-wrap or neoprene foam attached for protection.
  • The rails (sides of the board) should have cardboard down the sides to absorb shock.
  • The board should be packed in a properly padded surf-bag.

Note: For flights from Nagoya, the maximum length acceptable is 150cm.

Surf boards

You can carry a non-motorised bike as part of your checked baggage allowance, provided it is packed in a recognised bicycle bag and the bag meets our size and weight restrictions.

You must take these precautions when transporting bikes:


  • It should be packed in a recognised protective case or bag.
  • Pedals should be removed or fixed inwards.
  • Handlebars should be fixed sideways.
  • Tyres should be deflated to reduce the risk of damage.


Checked baggage area at the airport

We will accept other sporting equipment (for example, body boards, kite surfing equipment, skateboards, cricket kit) as part of your checked baggage allowance, provided they are appropriately packed in hard shell packing material and meet our size and weight restrictions.

We will only accept large sporting equipment - such as vaulting poles, canoes and kayaks - as cargo due to handling difficulties.

Some sports equipment is restricted for safety and security reasons. If the equipment you want to carry isn’t listed here, please contact us to find out if it can be carried.

Different sports gear

Hints and tips

Baggage tips for a good travel

  • Pack light.
    You will enjoy your journey more if you have fewer bags to keep track of and lighter bags to carry around.
  • Remove old tags.
    Old airline tags on your bags may cause confusion.
  • Label your baggage.
    Put your name and contact details for both ends of your journey. Place a copy of this information inside your bags as well. Should your luggage get misplaced, this information will assist us in tracing it faster.
  • Mark your baggage.
    If you think you will have trouble identifying your baggage on the carousel, mark your baggage with a colourful tag or a bright label that will help you spot your bags easily.
  • Lock your bags.
    Always lock your checked baggage. Keep the keys handy in case airport security personnel need to go through your bags.
  • Secure your bags.
    Secure protruding handles and loose straps on your baggage.
  • Keep watch.
    Never leave your baggage unattended and never carry a package or bag for another person.
  • Prepare your medicines.
    If you need to carry medication, keep them in your hand luggage. Keep medicines in their original packets or containers and carry your prescription with you.
  • Report issues immediately.
    Report any missing, delayed or damaged items before you leave the airport.