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Add more convenience to your economy experience

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Choose a more desirable seat on board with our Preferred seat option. For a small fee, you can choose a seat nearer the exit or just somewhere more private.

Flying with partner airlines
Preferred seats are only offered on Etihad-operated flights.

Ways to book

While making a new booking through, you can choose your Preferred Seat on the seat map.

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You can add a Preferred seat to your existing booking through Manage my Booking.

Book a Preferred seat ►

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Choose your Preferred seat when you check-in online.

Check-in online  ►

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You can also contact us to request for a Preferred seat while making a new booking.
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Terms and conditions


  • We accept all forms of payment currently supported and acceptable to Etihad today except for Etihad Guest Miles.
  • The price of a Preferred seat is per person, per flight sector.
  • Booking and payment must be completed 24 hours before flight departure to secure a Preferred seat.
  • Preferred Seats are assigned only upon full payment of the Preferred seat fee and ticket fare. Payment for the Preferred seats will not earn any additional Etihad Guest Miles.

If you booked the following seats, and you weren’t given them on board, you are entitled to a full refund:
  • Extra Legroom Seat
  • Preferred Seat
  • Standard Seat
  • If you booked one position of seat (for example, window, middle or aisle) and you were given a different position of seat.

You are not entitled to a refund in the following cases:

  • If you are allocated the same type of seat, but on a different row (for example, if you booked a Preferred Seat by the window on one row e.g. 12A, and you are allocated a Preferred Seat by the window on another row e.g. 14A)
  • If you upgraded to a higher cabin (for example, if you previously paid for your choice of seat then you either chose to upgrade yourself or accepted an upgrade)
  • If you chose one type of seat and you then upgrade to a Neighbour-Free Seat, your original fee will not be refunded
  • If you made changes to your flight itinerary, following purchase of your seat or if your itinerary was changed by another airline