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The following rules are applicable for Etihad Airways flight notifications:

  • Notifications are only provided for flights operated by Etihad Airways.
  • Users can register for flight notifications as follows:
    • Subscribe to notifications for a specific flight by entering the flight number
    • Subscribe to notifications for all flights within the same booking by entering the booking reference. The booking reference can be re-entered at a later stage to unsubscribe or update an existing subscription.
    • Subscribe to notifications for all future travel by entering their Etihad Guest login details. The login details can be re-entered at a later stage to unsubscribe or update an existing subscription.
  • At least one email address or mobile telephone number is required to set-up the flight notifications.
  • A maximum of three email addresses and/or three mobile telephone numbers can be registered for flight notifications.
  • Users can register for flight notifications using email addresses and/or mobile telephone numbers that are different from the one specified on the booking.
    • For US mobile telephone numbers, users must complete the opt-in process to receive notifications.
    • Flight notifications will commence within 72 hours of the estimated departure time.
    • The flight notifications are only dispatched in English.
    • Flight notifications cannot be set-up less than one hour from the flight departure.
  • Users can request a reminder notification for their flight(s) at the time of subscription, with the option to receive this at 24, 5, 3, 2 or 1 hour(s) prior to departure.
    • In the event a flight number is changed due to cancellation or delay, users will need to manually update their notification request with the new flight details. Notifications will not automatically reflect the updated details.
    • Notifications about a change in flight timings will only be sent if the departure has been advanced by more than 30 minutes or delayed by more than 60 minutes. In cases where the flight has been delayed, but is subject to a further revision, an update message will be sent if the new departure is 15 minutes less than initially messaged. 
    • Flight updates that occur less than an hour before departure might not appear on our system. As a result, the information provided at the airport departure gate will have precedence over flight notifications.
    • Notifications are not sent to highlight a booking modification by the user. However, the revised booking information will automatically register on our system, without users having to update their notification request.
    • Standard text messaging rates and data charges from your mobile network operator will apply for sending and/or receiving text messages.
    • Web-based SMS services such as Google Voice are not supported.
  • Etihad Guest members can unsubscribe from all future travel notifications using their login details. However, notifications for a specific flight/booking will continue, if the user has subscribed to those notifications explicitly.

Please note: Flights and times are subject to change without notice. Etihad Airways will do everything possible to ensure we provide the most accurate flight status information at all times. However, Etihad Airways is not liable for non-delivery of messages and cannot guarantee the timeliness or reliability of email / SMS receipt. Passengers should arrive at least three hours prior to the scheduled departure time.