Prohibited items

There are strict regulations around carrying items that pose a risk to you, other passengers, our aircraft or the environment.

Always read our list of prohibited items carefully. Remember that regulations may vary for different airlines or destinations. We do not accept responsibility if you are unable to carry any personal items when you fly.

What items are dangerous or restricted?

Find out which items you can or cannot carry on board or in your checked baggage. Some items can only be carried with conditions, meaning they need prior approval. Contact us at least seven days before your intended travel date for more information about approvals and to submit the required documents. All items are subject to security screening and airport regulations may vary from country to country. We do not accept responsibility if you are not permitted to carry items at certain airports or with other airlines.

Can I travel with my Apple MacBook Pro?

Following a safety recall of certain models, all Apple MacBook Pro laptops are only permitted as cabin baggage and cannot be carried within your checked baggage. If your laptop has been recalled, it must remain powered off throughout the flight and cannot be charged on board.

Find out if your laptop has been affected by entering the serial number here.

Can I travel with a smart bag?

You must declare that you are travelling with a smart bag when you check in. Smart bags are bags that are integrated with lithium batteries, motors, power banks, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, RFID or Wi-Fi technology.

They are permitted as cabin or checked baggage provided that:

  • Your bag is powered by one single lithium battery with a watt/hour rating lower than 100Wh only – single lithium batteries with a watt/hour rating between 100Wh-160Wh will require prior approval
  • The installed lithium battery and power bank is removed and packed individually in your cabin baggage or as a personal item on board – these items are not permitted as checked baggage
  • If you wish to use your smart bag as cabin baggage, it must meet the weight and size requirements
  • You do not use your smart bag as a charging device or charge your bag during the flight

Smart bags will not be accepted if:

  • They are powered by a lithium battery with a watt/hour rating of more than 160Wh
  • The battery, power bank or both are an integral part of the bag and cannot be removed


Can I take an electronic cigarette on my flight?

Electronic cigarettes may be carried on Etihad Airways flights though use of the device is strictly prohibited. Smoking of any kind, including the use of lighters, matches or e-cigarettes is not allowed anywhere on board, including the toilets.

Electronic cigarettes are only permitted in your cabin bag and must not be packed in your checked bag.

Flights to or from the US

If you’re flying to or from the US, please keep in mind:

  • All electronic devices and accessories must be charged and you may be asked to switch them on to prove this
  • Loose or spare batteries, power banks, e-cigarettes, e-pipes or other personal vaporisers may only be carried in your cabin baggage and are not permitted in checked baggage
  • Powder substances or granular materials weighing 350ml/350g/12oz or greater are not permitted in your cabin baggage and must be placed in your checked baggage

Medically-prescribed powder substances, including baby formula, are exempt from these regulations provided that they are sealed, not tampered with and have supporting evidence. Duty-Free items contained in Security Tamper Evident Bags are also exempt as long as they have been purchased after clearing US Customs and Border Protection in Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Flights to or from Australia

Flying from Australia? Inorganic powder substances weighing 350ml/350g/12oz or greater are not permitted in your cabin baggage and must be placed in your checked baggage.

This includes salt, sand, talcum powders, powdered deodorants, foot powders, detergent powders and cleaning products.

Organic powders, including powdered food, baby food, coffee, flour, spices, sugar and Epsom salts, prescription and non-prescription medicines, and medical items required during the flight are all exempt from these regulations when accompanied by supporting evidence. Duty-Free items contained in Security Tamper Evident Bags are also exempt.

Flights to or from India

If you’re flying to or from India, you are not allowed to carry satellite phones and GPS devices like GARMIN in your cabin or checked baggage without permission from the Department of Telecommunication, India.

Flights to or from Singapore

If you’re flying to or from Singapore and have a toy gun(s) in your checked-in baggage, you need to call our Contact Centre to get approval. You also need to obtain approval from the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department in Singapore by completing this form and sending it to


If any device you are carrying is damaged, hot, produces smoke, is lost or falls into the seat, please inform our cabin crew immediately. Do not try to operate or move the seat as this may damage your device.

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