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Trace delayed baggage

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We are committed to doing everything possible to ensure the prompt return of your delayed baggage.

If you reported the mishandling of your baggage prior to leaving the airport on arrival, you will be in possession of a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

You can use the File Reference Number provided to trace your baggage online.

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Claim mishandled baggage

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We always strive to repatriate your baggage with utmost priority.

In rare cases, when a bag has not been repatriated to you within 21 days from reporting your delayed baggage, our Baggage Claims Department will process your claim. Please return all supporting documents to our Baggage Claims Department via email or post.

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Additional baggage information


Passengers should not include the following items in their checked baggage:

  • Fragile and perishable items
  • Valuables
  • Computers and personal electronic devices
  • Stored data
  • Camera 
  • Any medication or medical equipment
  • Valuable documents such as business documents, passports, certificates, identification documents, negotiable papers etc.

Limited Release Baggage Tag

We accept fragile, perishable, and inadequately-packed baggage upon completion of a Limited Release Baggage tag. Baggage with pre-existing damage shall likewise be accepted as a Limited Release Baggage.

The Limited Release Baggage Tag releases the airline from liabilities on baggage resulting from any pre-existing damage or unsuitability for transport.

US Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

This is the agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that exercises authority over the security of the travelling public in the United States.

If you believe you have lost contents or had contents damaged during a US baggage inspection you can claim compensation directly from the US Transport Security Administration (TSA).

Damaged baggage or contents

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If you discover that your baggage or its contents have been damaged during your flight, please let us know straight away by visiting the arrival desk at the airport. You’ll receive a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) and a letter outlining the damage.

Take your baggage to the company of your choice to repair the damage. Upload your letter along with the receipt showing the cost of the repair, and we’ll contact you as soon as we can to handle your claim.

There are some instances that we are unable to accept liability for loss or damage to your baggage. These include:

  • Loss or damage that has been accepted under the condition of the Limited Release Tag (LRT)
  • Items that have been confiscated by airport authorities or security personnel
  • Damage to locks
  • Damage to zip sliders
  • Loose wheels
  • Damage to side handles
  • Minor dents or scratches
  • Damage to baggage that is more than 5 years old

If you haven’t reported your lost or damaged baggage before leaving the airport, please contact Etihad Airways in writing, attaching all supporting documents within 7 days of arrival. We will assess the claim and notify you accordingly.

For any baggage enquiries, please contact your local baggage services office.