Pack as much or as little as you need with our generous baggage allowance. You can even split your baggage allowance over multiple bags or items for even more flexibility. Use our calculator to understand your checked baggage and cabin baggage allowance.

Your baggage allowance may be different if you're travelling with any of our partner airlines. Always check before your flight.

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Infants and children

Infants 7 days - 23 months

If you’re travelling to or from the US and Canada, infants are permitted to take one bag weighing up to 23kg. On all other routes, infants are permitted to take one bag weighing up to 10kg.


Children 2 – 11 years 

If your child is booked on a children’s fare, normal baggage rules apply. You can use our baggage calculator to understand how much you can carry. 

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Pushchairs, carrycots and car seats

If you are travelling with infants and children, you can also carry one pushchair, or one carrycot or one car seat for free, in addition to their checked baggage.

Is there anything else you need to bring?

We’ve made flying with golf clubs and other sport equipment simple with our flexible baggage policy. Most sports equipment can be included as part of your baggage allowance, and if you’re flying with golf clubs, you can take one golf bag for free, in addition to your checked baggage allowance.

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