Clear US immigration
in Abu Dhabi

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility in Zayed International Airport lets you clear US immigration and customs inspections before boarding. With all the checks out of the way before you take-off, you can simply pick up your bags and go when you land in the US.

The only CBP facility in the Middle East, it’s the fastest and simplest way to travel to the US.

Touchless travel to and from the US

We’ve introduced biometric facial scanners at our boarding gates for a seamless, quicker boarding experience when you fly between Abu Dhabi and the U.S.

A completely touchless experience, you won’t need to present your passport or boarding pass – when you see the green light, you’re good to head on to the plane.

Available at boarding gates in Abu Dhabi and New York.

mpc app

Use the MPC app in Abu Dhabi to save time in the US

Use the free CBP Mobile Passport Control (MPC) app before you fly from Abu Dhabi and breeze through customs.

Save the time and hassle of paper forms and submit all required documents and information in minutes from your phone.

Check if you're eligible

How to clear US immigration

The CBP facility is temporarily only available for select flights to the US. We’ll let you know by email 10 days ahead of your trip or you can check for up-to-date information. Make sure your email address is up to date to receive this and other important travel updates.

If you have access to the CBP facility, check in at Terminal A at least four hours before your flight and head to Gate F from two hours before your flight.

A shuttle bus service will operate from Gate F to transfer you to the US Customs and Border Protection facility.

Gate F closes 75 minutes before your flight. When you’ve cleared immigration, our US Premium Lounge is available for First and Business Class guests.

If you’re on a flight with clearance in the United States, check in as usual and enjoy the facilities in Terminal A before your flight.

For up-to-date information as this evolves, check our FAQs.

If you complete the pre-clearance process before your flight, the date shown on your passport for entry into the US will be the date you depart from Abu Dhabi.


Complete a CBP Customs Declaration Form

If you’re travelling to the US under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), apply for travel authorisation from the US Department of Homeland Security at least 72 hours before you travel. You’ll also need to add Advance Passenger Information (API) to your booking at least one hour before your flight.

You must have a machine-readable passport and hold a confirmed return or onward ticket to leave the US within 90 days.


Travelling under the Visa Waiver Program

Regardless of your visa type, you must complete a CBP Customs Declaration Form at the airport on the day of departure. One completed declaration form per family must be handed to the US airport customs official.

Forms are available at check-in, on board or in the Immigration Hall at Zayed International Airport.



US Premium Lounge

If you’re flying on an Etihad-operated flight in First or Business from Abu Dhabi to the US, you can use our US Premium Lounge after clearing US Immigration and Customs. The lounge offers comfortable seating, light refreshments and space to relax whilst you wait for your flight.