Welcome to a more comfortable world

Comfort Zone

At Etihad, we go to extraordinary lengths to bring you the most comfortable flying experience.

As part of this effort, we’ve studied the science of sleep in our search for unparalleled comfort in the sky.


Comfort Zone

Now, we want to share that journey with you and show you how we’ve designed a more comfortable environment to make sleep effortless.

Comfort that’s guided by your senses

We believe that comfort is an experience that starts with the senses. When you fly with Etihad, you enjoy a new level of relaxation, making sleep easier and more refreshing.

Pick a sense:


Nothing impacts your comfort more than your sense of touch. And when it comes to sleep, everything from the softness of the mattress to the texture of the sheets will determine how fast you arrive at your ‘dream’ destination.

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Light is one of the many ways your body knows when to sleep or wake up. Being able to control the lighting during a flight allows you to maximise your relaxation and avoid jet lag by keeping your internal body clock synced.

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Sounds and noises are often the reason you wake up from a peaceful slumber. Falling and staying asleep is easier when you can keep ambient noises under control and sound levels minimised.

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Scents inspire feelings of relaxation and have the power to take us to places beyond our imagination. With the right aromas infused in the air, sleep is elevated to blissful new heights.

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Not much can compare to the blissful relaxation felt after savouring a five-star gourmet meal. Except maybe enjoying a hot drink just before bedtime. After all, sleep is best enjoyed after treating your taste buds to something delicious.

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