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Online payments made simple

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Book your flight through the Etihad Airways website and pay quickly and efficiently with just the click of a mouse.

Choose from any of our fast and safe payment modes, depending on your country of departure, and we’ll make sure all your details and payments are secured and protected.



  • Ensure you have sufficient funds for the transaction before making your purchase.
  • The debits to your account will reflect as “Ingenico ePayments” or “Etihad Airways”.

If your payment was successful and you do not receive your ticket details within one hour, please contact our Global Contact Centre or Local Office.

For details about refunds of purchases made through our website, please see our Modification Guide.

All refunds will be processed to the same account or card used to make the booking.

Credit and Debit Cards


Enhanced security checks on Credit and Debit Cards

  • CVV/CSC - Card Verification Value/Card Security Code is a security feature for credit or debit card transactions that provides increased protection for merchants against credit card fraud. It is the three or four-digit number on the back of a credit card that you are asked to enter during the process of making an online payment.
  • 3-D Secure - This is an added layer of security for online transactions that was introduced by Visa in the form of its Verified by Visa scheme. This requires users to register their credit cards with the service and then input a new security code in order to complete an online payment. This is not your ATM PIN number, but a password you would have set when registering for the scheme with your bank. MasterCard has developed a similar service called MasterCard SecureCode, while American Express has SafeKey in some markets and JCB has J/Secure. 
  • SSL Certification - All transactions on Etihad Airways are processed in an SSL certification environment. This means that the data you enter when making a booking is encrypted and therefore rendered incomprehensible to anyone but the recipient (credit card or banking authority)
  • Fraud protection system – Etihad Airways website uses a cutting edge e-commerce payment system that utilises the most advanced fraud protection technologies available.


Real-time bank transfer

Offline payments

Accepted for flights departing from Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Uganda and United Kingdom.

Offline bank transfer can be completed through online banking, at a bank, cash deposit or wire transfer. For international transfers, bank charges will always apply. For domestic transfers, additional costs may be charged by your bank. These charges should be paid in addition to the total amount shown. Please verify the exact charges with your bank before you make the transfer.

Steps to pay:

  1. Select “Bank transfer” as the payment method in the payment page.
  2. The bank account details needed to complete the payment will be given to you on the Etihad confirmation page and will also be emailed to you. The account holder name will be Ingenico ePayments.
  3. Complete the payment by transferring funds to the bank account.
    Include the payment reference so that your payment can be matched to your reservation.
  4. Ingenico ePayments, who is authorized to collect payment on behalf of Etihad Airways, will process the payment.
  5. Your ticket(s) will be issued and sent to you by Etihad Airways once payment is received from Ingenico ePayments. Please note that it may take up to 5 banking days before your payment is received.
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Accepted for flights departing from Japan.

Steps to pay:

  1. Select “Konbini” as the payment method in the payment page.
  2. A link to the payment slip will be given to you on the Etihad confirmation page and will also be emailed to you. You will need this to complete your payment.
  3. Complete the payment at a Konbini store location by providing your barcode or receipt number.
  4. The Konbini network will submit the confirmation of payment.
  5. Your ticket(s) will be issued and sent to you by Etihad Airways once payment is received from Konbini.
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