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What we’re doing

We’re serious about reducing our impact on the planet, making sure we leave the world better than we found it. 

We're committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Working with partners to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

And rewarding thoughtful travellers, like you.

net zero carbon

Net zero carbon emissions by 2050

By 2050, we will achieve net zero emissions. That means that for any emissions we produce, the same amount will be removed from the atmosphere. 

That’s a big statement, but we’ve got even bigger plans to achieve it. 

We pledge to reach a 20% reduction in emissions intensity by 2025, and by 2035, we aim to have cut 2019 net emissions by 50%. 

We’re leading the development of sustainable aviation fuels, and we use first-of-its-kind tech to make sure our aircraft are as fuel-efficient as possible. 

But we know that climate change isn’t something we can take on alone. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry leaders to create programmes – like our Etihad Greenliner and Sustainable50 –that tackle key sustainability challenges head on. 

net zero carbon

Paper(less) planes and no waste

By using almost no paper on our planes, we’re saving trees, safeguarding forests and protecting the planet.

We’ve replaced magazines and manuals with electronic versions to reduce paper on board, and every guest has the option to download their boarding pass too.

By 2022, we will have reduced single-use plastics by 80%, with almost 100 plastic products removed from our planes.

We use data to precisely calculate how much water we need on board. That means we don’t waste a drop and helps us to reduce emissions too.

And we’re working with partners to find ways to make our flights quieter, reducing the impact on communities living close to airports.

jubail park abu dhabi jubail park abu dhabi

Small details. Big experiences. Reduced footprint.

The Airbus A350 is here, and it’s one of the most innovative aircraft in the world.

It’s lighter, greener, smarter and quieter than any other generation Airbus aircraft, expertly designed for comfort and space.

Let’s leave the planet better than we found it

You shouldn't have to choose between travel and planet Earth, and neither should the generations after us. 

That’s why we’ve made a promise: To leave the planet better than we found it. 

Sustainability is taking off

Sustainability might be a buzz word for some. But for us, it’s a value that runs deep.

That’s why investing in new products and services to make the future of flying greener.

Landing at the end of 2022, our new Economy experience has been designed with comfort, quality and sustainability in mind.

We’re elevating Economy with design-lead tableware and a new approach to food and drinks. Like using locally sourced, recycled materials wherever possible to make sure we achieve our goal of 80% fewer single-use plastics.

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Cutting contrails

Those lines you see trailing planes? They contribute to global warming. So, we’re working with Satavia to use software that reduces them.

less carbon

Pulling the plug

Almost 40% of our flights in Abu Dhabi are already serviced by electric vehicles on the ground.

paperless boarding pass

Green looks good on us

Noticed our cabin crew wearing green? They’re our Green Ambassadors – green gurus, eco experts, superheroes of the skies. If you’ve got a question or suggestion about sustainability, they’re ready to listen.

wildlife carbonclick carbon offset

Powered by plants

We’re leading the development of new sustainable fuels to significantly reduce our carbon emissions, like creating biofuels from saltwater-tolerant plants.

less carbon

A shining example

Etihad is the first airline to use smart engine foam wash. That makes our engines more efficient and saves fuel.

paperless boarding pass

Reuse, recycle, repeat

On board and in our boardrooms, we take recycling seriously. Anything we can reuse we will, if it doesn’t need to be printed it won’t be and everything else gets recycled. It’s simple: nothing goes to waste.

We're working hard to create a more sustainable future for generations and make sure we leave the world a little more like we found it. Click on one of our reports below for further detail. 

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