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Creating added value for our people, communities and planet

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At Etihad Airways, we take a holistic approach to corporate responsibility alongside our efforts to be the world’s best airline.  

All of our efforts are focused around adding value: to our people, our communities and our planet. Our agenda is coordinated at the Etihad Aviation Group level, to ensure that we have a cohesive programme of initiatives that covers all aspects of our business and operations.

All initiatives are conducted within Etihad’s ‘Together’ framework.

Growing together
Support for the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision.

Greener together
Commitment to minimise our environmental impact.

Working together
The development and well-being of our diverse employees.

Giving together
Contributions to charities and humanitarian relief.

Our Responsibility

More details about the ‘Together’ framework and initiatives are available in regular reports, published since 2010.

The latest sustainability review can be found here.

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Etihad Airways volunteer staff

In the UAE’s Year of Zayed, we are committed to boosting our positive impact in the community.

If you are a local registered charity or non-profit organisation and would like to collaborate, please contact with a detailed proposal. All proposals will be reviewed against our internal strategy and criteria.

We strive to respond to your email within 7 working days. Due to the volume of requests received, we appreciate your understanding should your request be declined.



A core mandate of Etihad Airways supporting the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision. Delivering solid performance through increased passenger and cargo volumes underscores the strength of Etihad Aviation Group’s long-term growth strategy, which plays a crucial role in driving sustainable economic growth in our home of Abu Dhabi.

Emiratisation is essential for us to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to the future of the UAE. There are over 3,000 UAE nationals pursuing careers us in a range of operational and commercial functions. Schemes for cadet pilots, engineers and graduate managers all help to develop a future generation of Emirati aviation leaders, as does our Al Ain Contact Centre –the first such centre in the region to be operated and managed by an all-female workforce - a first for the region. We also support a number of initiatives to promote youth development, encouraging young people and students to enter STEM fields.

We support the development of the tourism sector, and help bring visitors to Abu Dhabi through our sponsorship of a range initiatives that are consistent with the airline’s values of hospitality, team spirit and helping to bring the world together. Current sponsorships include a variety of local culture and heritage properties as well as food, fashion and football events around the world.

Giving together

We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations wherever we can.

Concerted efforts to improve the efficiency of our aircraft has led to a 24 per cent reduction in carbon emissions across our fleet since 2006. We also pursue waste reduction and recycling initiatives to divert waste from landfill in the air and on the ground.

We collaborate with Boeing, Takreer, Total and the Masdar Institute on ‘BIOjet Abu Dhabi: Flight Path to Sustainability’ to develop a sustainable aviation biofuel industry. Following a flight in 2014 powered in part by locally produced aviation biofuel, the UAE is one of a handful of countries that have produced and flown on their own aviation biofuel and we are excited to be at the forefront of this movement.

Related to this, we are a founding partner of the Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium (SBRC). Its flagship project is the Seawater Energy and Agriculture System (SEAS). Hosted at the Masdar Institute, a two-hectare SEAS pilot facility opened in March 2016 which will be utilised for the next several years, during which time the system will be scaled up elsewhere.

We are a signatory to the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce Declaration, along with five of our equity partners. This means we are committed to identifying and implementing actions to help prevent the illegal wildlife trade. This includes the Animal Welfare and Conservation Policy which incorporates strict cargo protocols related to wildlife and the incorporation of controls over holiday activities that involve engagement with wildlife.


In a business as dynamic as ours, it is critical to ensure a talented and engaged workforce.

We have award-winning training and development initiatives for our staff, including programmes to manage and reward performance.

We are proud of our extensive training programmes, and have an innovative learning platform for staff to develop their skills through online, in-person, and blended learning. We also work with a number of leading educational institutions to provide the best possible training to our staff, which in turn helps us deliver the best possible experience to our guests.

As well as providing access to extensive healthcare facilities in the event of illness, we are committed to preventive health care for our staff. This includes regular wellness days and sporting events to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. The Etihad Airways Medical Centre, a dedicated facility for our staff,

Greener together

As a truly global business, we are committed to supporting community and charity initiatives at home in the UAE and across our network, including in times of disaster.

We support several local and international charities, including the Emirates Red Crescent who are a key partner.

Recognising our staff’s commitment to charity, there are several corporate volunteering programmes to provide opportunities for local and international community engagement. Our staff regularly gather to raise funds and awareness for causes that are meaningful to them, and also take the initiative to volunteer with local charities independently.

We are committed to supporting relief and recovery efforts to strengthen communities after disasters, and donate our own assets as well as engaging our guests through advocacy and awareness.

How you can support others

Etihad Airways volunteer staff

Etihad Airways is proud to partner with many local and international charitable causes on a regular basis. Etihad Guest members can donate miles to a cause that matters to them.

To find out more about donating miles, visit the Etihad Guest website.