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Cut your corporate travel costs with the Etihad Payplan

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The Etihad Payplan account streamlines billing, eliminates credit card fees and provides large cost-savings on corporate travel. It’s a corporate payment solution which runs on the Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) network for the purchase of airline tickets, and provides a best-in-class reporting system.

As a member of the Etihad Payplan account, some of the benefits you can expect to receive are:

  • Centralised billing and improved cost control.
  • Detailed reports of all company-wide travel.
  • Payments accepted across more than 250 airlines and thousands of travel agencies worldwide.
  • Zero fees. That includes application, annual, foreign exchange or additional card fees.
  • Secure system for fraud-free payments.

For more information, or to open an Etihad Payplan account, email us at

Etihad Payplan FAQs

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What is Etihad Payplan and why will it benefit my business?
It’s a corporate travel payment platform, offering central billing for flights and related travel bookings.

Some of the key benefits of Etihad Payplan are:
We can collect and combine data from multiple sources, then display it in an easy-to-read statement to your exact specifications.
Electronic Billing
Get your statement the day it is generated. Choose from a variety of common formats for electronic billing.
Information Management
Etihad Payplan Client Data Portal enables you to view record and analyse all travel-related costs, putting data at your fingertips.
Data Privacy
We take data privacy very seriously. You own your data, and it only goes where you want it to go. 

Who issues the Etihad Payplan?
Etihad Payplan is issued by Etihad Airways and is offered to corporate clients.

How is the Etihad Payplan used?
Typically, the Etihad Payment Plan is embedded in a virtual account managed by the travel agents that serve your corporation. 

How does Etihad Payplan work as a form of payment?
The Etihad Payplan is used in a similar way to credit or debit cards. Accounts will have a unique 15-digit number with an expiration date and company name. 

How many accounts does my organisation need?
We offer several options to meet the needs of every business. Smaller companies can use a single account for all bookings. Medium-sized companies may choose several accounts, assigned to various departments, while larger organisations may request individual employee accounts. 

Is the Etihad Payplan limited to tickets purchased from the airline issuing the account?
The Etihad Payplan can be used to purchase tickets from any airline, across all channels where the UATP form of payment is accepted. 

Can Etihad Payplan be used to book tickets online?
There are many airlines that accept the Etihad Payplan (UATP form of payment) on their website. 

How can the Etihad Payplan travel data provided be used by the corporate client?
Travel data provided is of the best quality available in the industry and matches, even surpasses data provided by other card companies. As such, it can be used to design corporate travel policies and track compliance with such policies by company staff. It can also be used for optimizing the management of the corporate travel spends, by using the rich charting, reporting and account management tools provided.

Can Etihad Payplan data be imported into corporate ERP applications?
Yes, various format and interface options are available, which will be discussed in order to identify the optimal method. 

Other than flights, what else can the Etihad Payplan be used for?
The Etihad Payplan can be used towards hotel bookings and car rentals, as long as they are all part of a single transaction ticketed against the respective Merchant contract of the airline. 

Can I use the Etihad Payplan to pay a hotel bill or make a purchase at a retail outlet?
Etihad Payplan works differently to regular bank cards and is therefore not accepted/compatible with POS machines. 

Are there any fees associated with the Etihad Payplan?
Etihad Payplan is completely free. This includes any application, annual, and foreign exchange conversion fees.