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Holidays to Indonesia

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Indonesia – a land of adventure

Indonesia holidays are your passport to a tropical world of palm trees, secluded beaches and vibrant, modern cities.

Experience the vast, breathtaking landscapes of this mesmerising nation, from the paradise coasts of Bali to the thrilling streets of energetic Jakarta.

Spread across a staggering 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a destination that's rich in ancient history, diverse culture and natural wonders. 

Prepare to be mesmerised by the misty volcanic sights south of Surabaya, gaze in awe upon the towering spires of the capital’s neo-Gothic cathedral or embark on diving adventures in the glittering sea. 

Whether you’re a food lover or an outdoors enthusiast, looking for a honeymoon retreat or the perfect location for a family adventure, a holiday to Indonesia delivers on every front.

image of jakarta cityscape in indonesian capital

Things to do in Indonesia

From relaxing beach days and exciting water adventures to cultured museums and art galleries, a holiday in Indonesia offers a world of possibilities. 

sunset surfing on kuta beach in bali

Hit the beach

This is a country famous for its beaches – and with good reason.

Indonesia boasts some of the most idyllic golden shores on the entire planet. You can swim, sunbathe and stroll along the sands or get more active with opportunities to scuba dive, jet ski or flyboard. 

Nyang Nyang Beach is an especially beautiful coastal highlight, renowned for its secluded white stretches and iconic ‘shipwrecks’ adorned with street art.

Kuta Beach, meanwhile, is a popular hotspot known for surfing and entertainment venues. 

Where to stay in Indonesia

The beach lifestyle 

Welcome to paradise. If you’re dreaming of white sands, clear water and a romantic holiday in Indonesia, Bali is the perfect choice. 

Splashing out for a honeymoon or anniversary? You might choose to stay at the five-star Hotel Tugu Bali.

This blissful getaway is within easy reach of Eco Beach, and offers a full-service spa for true relaxation. 


a girl swinging over the bali rice fields in ubud indonesia
jakarta old city indonesia

Embrace city life 

If you like to feel in the heart of the action, stay in Jakarta.

The country’s sprawling and atmospheric capital is a melting pot of Indonesian, Arabian, Chinese, Indian and European influences. 

Walk among Dutch colonial buildings in the Old Town or find out more about Indonesian independence at Merdeka Square.

The Hotel Santika Premiere Hayam Wuruk is a great option in Old Jakarta. 

Escape to nature 

If the thought of exploring idyllic bamboo forests and gardens, enchanting parks and mountainous vistas appeals, Surabaya is a fantastic place to base yourself.

Day trips to see iconic Mount Bromo and scenic waterfalls should be on the itinerary as part of an active holiday in Indonesia.

The Vasa Hotel Surabaya will leave you ideally placed to discover the local sights, with a complimentary shuttle into the city. 

view of mount domo at sunrise in surabaya indonesia
jakarta at night with bus and roads visible

All you need to know about Indonesia

Languages spoken

The official language throughout the nation is Indonesian. Javanese and Sundanese are also commonly used. Many people, particularly those working in tourist areas, also speak good English.

Getting around

Trains, buses and taxis are widely available to get you to the major sights around cities and resorts. Catch a TransJakarta bus in the capital for easy access to the main attractions. 

Local currency

The currency in Indonesia is the Indonesian rupiah. You’ll find that locals often use the word ‘perak’ – Indonesian for silver – when referring to it.

Public holidays

Public holidays in Indonesia include Chinese New Year (January), Labour Day (1 May) and Independence Day (17 August), with a variety of religious and regional festivals also celebrated. 

More about Indonesia 


Indonesian food is a delicious fusion of different cuisines, drawing on Indian, Malay and Chinese influences among many others.

Plenty of natural produce and a love of herbs and spices makes Indonesian fare creative, tasty – and often spicy. 

Popular dishes you must try include nasi goreng, which consists of fried white rice with vegetables, meat and lots of spices.

Grab some for breakfast from a street vendor (delicious with an egg on top) or splash out on a refined version at a high-end restaurant. 

When it comes to desserts, try kolak. This is a mouth-watering mix of sweet potato, pumpkin, coconut milk and palm sugar. 

nasi goreng on a wooden table Indonesi
exterior view of the historic bank museum in indonesia


The story of the Indonesian archipelago is that of a long journey towards it becoming a unified, independent nation. 

The Majapahit kingdom controlled much of this land from the late 1400s until the turn of the 16th century.

After this time, Indonesia, a key player in the spice trade, was colonised by the Dutch. Indeed, for a period, the archipelago was known as the Dutch East Indies. 

Indonesia became an independent country in 1945, although this was not officially recognised by the Dutch government until four years later.

Today it has the largest economy in Southeast Asia – which you’ll see reflected in its modern, gleaming cities and business districts.


Islam is the main religion in Indonesia, with more than 200 million of its inhabitants identifying as Muslim – making this the largest Muslim country in the world by population.  

Other faiths commonly practised around the country include Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism. Sikhism is also practised among a small number of Indonesians. 

Some of the forms of religion here are mixed in with age-old traditional customs which continue to flourish in certain parts of Indonesia.

Hindu ceremonies play a particularly important role in daily life on the island of Bali, while the diverse practices in various regions are reflected in a variety of beautiful temples, churches and colourful festivals.

 roofs of a temple in indonesi
the banyamala waterfall indonesi

Why we love Indonesia 

“A holiday to Indonesia can mean so many different things, from strolling along a paradise beach in Bali to taking in wonders at the National Museum in Jakarta. The sheer diversity of the food, culture, landscape and attractions is what makes this country so special.” 

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